Office storage artifact: These 8 office workers must be necessary, and the mood of work has improved

Although the company is a place of work, office workers may be longer than their homes every day than their home. If the messy files on the desk, there is no place to put a cup in water, I believe everyone’s work enthusiasm will be directly affected.

Therefore, we can summarize and organize desktops through some small storage tools to make ourselves work in a clean and orderly office environment. The mood is more comfortable and the office efficiency will be improved.

1. Drawing box under the table

Many desks may not have drawers and cabinets, so some fine -grained office supplies may not be stored, and it feels messy on the table.

The drawer box under this table is very practical. It only needs a few films of transparent sticky glue to easily stick to the table board. The drawer is smooth. It is very suitable for putting some small items. convenient.


2. Added an elevator/display in the computer desktop storage

The computer is basically the largest of all office items on the desk, so we must make good use of this space to make some small storage. For example, the computer desktop storage increases a small artifact. It can increase the height of the computer. The bottom gap can also be used to store some small items.


The arc of the laptop can be adjusted according to your own usage habits. You can put the computer screen at a balanced position and keep the cervical spine a straight posture to improve our spine pain.

In addition, the position of the bottom empty can also be used to store a lot of things, which is equivalent to a part of the desktop storage space. The items that are often used are placed underneath. It is very convenient.

If it is a desktop computer, you can also choose a wooden monitor to increase the elevation. There are also multiple layers of storage space underneath. It is more practical than a notebook bracket.


3, pedal stool

The stool was originally used to go to the toilet squat artifact, which is convenient to lift your feet when you go to the toilet.

But the office is really fragrant! Presumably, 99%of office workers love to Lilang’s legs, and I guess everyone knows the disadvantages of the legs. This pedal stool can solve the problem of Qiao Erlang’s legs, and it is much more comfortable to sit up and sit up.

There are also a pedal stool with an inclined angle. The feet are a bit like stepping on a sewing machine, and even the curved can be adjusted. But the price is definitely more cost -effective!


4. Fixed cable fixed clip

One of the pain points of the desk also has various messy lines, charging lines and headphone cables of various models … What should I do if there are too many cables on the desktop? Use the charging cable to fix the clip to avoid these cables, and even use small items such as masks.

5. Transparent storage box

It can be used to place various working documents, and it can also be used to put books and fragmented items. It is really well installed and can reduce many unnecessary clutter to the desktop.

6. Bring a small storage box

If it is administrative work, there must be small objects such as back -shaped needles, so some small storage boxes with lids are very applicable.

7. Water cup holder on the table

Sometimes there are too many debris on the desk, and there is no place to put the water cup? You can try the water cup holder at the table. It can be sandwiched at the desk without occupying the table space, and in addition to the water cup, you can also put a pen holder to store it.

8, fish tail clip and convenient sticker

There are too many paper materials? Then be sure to use a fish tail frame when classification, then write the types and functions of the files with convenience, and then stick it to the clip. The next search will be clear at a glance.

The above is the small artifact of the office desktop storage compiled by Xiaofeng. Many items are actually suitable for families. I hope everyone can choose to use it and improve their work efficiency and happiness ~

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