Autumn/winter 2021-2022 handbag trends

Although in the past year, our handbags may not be worn as much as shoes, but we cannot ignore the popular trend of the 2021-2022 autumn and winter bags. At the Carolina Herrera’s mini -heart -shaped store, the additional detail design is very popular, and at the Ulla Johnson store, embroidery has become the main feature. No matter what you choose, there is always a style on this list that is destined to be suitable for your life.


1. The bigger the better


Just when we think that handbags are no longer big, Marni, Fenndi, Valentino, and Khaite launched the handbags that can install your entire life! (Most spacious rectangles There are many pockets in the bag to ensure that you can keep everything in an orderly manner. Some bags of pockets reflect the wallet trend in 2021.)

2. Handle


This season, the furry boots and furry bags have become the key outfit of all fashion people. Yes, it seems that the fluffy hugs in 2015 are back again! Chanel and Miu Miu naturally designed some bags to match the autumn series boots. If this handbag is a bit cute for you, go to Fendi and Prada to buy a furry bag, or choose a furry crossbody bag from the early autumn series of Marni, add this furry handbag to trend. (Autumn and winter 2021-2022 Handbag trends: fur bag)


3. Mini handbag


This season, many designers have chosen the shape opposite to the oversized handbags to provide consumers with free options. Whether it is a handbag on the wrist like Chanel, or a bag necklace like Marine Serre, Balmain, Valentino, and Simone Rocha, this trend has multiple choices. Zimerman may choose animal patterns, and Coach chose classic leather. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: mini bag)


4. Wanderer style

Yes! The stray man bag returned to the 2021 autumn and winter handbag list. From the classic models of Versace, Prada, Staud, and Simon Miller, to the half month of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior, In shape, the stray guy is undoubtedly returning again.


5. Lazy claws

If you don’t like a large stray man bag, then choose a lazy handbag!

No matter what iconic style you choose, this relaxed dress can be worn from morning to night. Both Gabrirah Hrst and Fendi both worked hard on this neutral color package to highlight the silhouette. The early autumn series that Barlonian has just released is also focused on the lazy bag of knitted fabrics.


6. Credit bag

Function, classic, easy design, messenger bags are really a blessing, as a compulsory wallet in 2021. This design is purposeful. Both Etro and Max Mara have created a simple style of choice this season. Whether it is leather or canvas, details and external pockets are necessary choices. (Autumn and winter 2021-2022 Handbag Trends: Credit Bag)

7. fluffy bag


Whether it is a coat or a bag, the fluffy clouds seem to be the main style of this year! The more fluffy and cuteness is (except for its pure embrace), which can be used for all styles. As we mentioned earlier, Chanel used it to make the cuffs, but TOD ’s showed how it was integrated into the stray charm, and Prada brought the expansion oversized bag to the forefront. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: fluffy bag)


8. Letter combination

Many brands splashed their signs on the fall of 2021, and these bags arrived on the runway.


On the show, Versace launched a new letters combination 3D LA GRECA style this season, which still retains the brand’s iconic Greek key pattern. Brands such as Balmain, Valentino, and Prada also adopted this style, which combines the letters as patterns or buttons. (Autumn/winter 2021-2022 Handbag Trends: Letter combination bag)


9. Outside wallet (take -off pocket wallet)


Organization and smoothness are a key component of creating practical and fashionable bags. Therefore, the trend of external pocket wallets is perfect! Of course, more expensive things are best placed inside the bag, but what about lipstick, mask and gum? These necessities are where you need.

On the show, Versace uses this style in their series, with a variety of squares and round pockets. Balman applied these details to the four or four squares. Croy used thick knitted materials, and Louis Vuitton developed it into a mouth -watering multi -bag.


10. Travel bag


This year, people are eager to travel! For this reason, many designers use these holiday hopes in their 2021 autumn and winter series. When designing a handbag, the big luggage packet used for fast travel seems to be the most popular thing. The Row, Courreges and Balenciaga considers this when designing handbags. But if you need a real manner, look at the fashion choice of Anna Sui, which is an interesting psychedelic print. (Autumn/winter 2021-2022 Handbag Trends: Travel bag)

11. Small details


Handbag forecast in winter 2021: The more details, the better.

Just look at the fashion show of Carolina Herrera, you will know that Wes Gordon falls in love with his heart this year, and the bag is no exception. Coach brought cute ladybugs to their bags, and Bottega Veneta, Simon Miller used the tassel element. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: decorative bag)

12. Asymmetric

Asymmetric appears in different packages on the runway in the fall of 2021. For this fashionable and eternal bag, you can go to ACNE Studios, Nanushka and Jonathan Simkhai.

13. Metal


The designers added metal elements to the handbags in the winter of 2021. The playful silver party package occupies the central stage of the Paco Rabanne fashion show. If you need some low -key things, Chapareli is paired with metal accessories on their handbags as extra fashionable details. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: metal bag)

14. Flash

The party package is very necessary. Designers such as Chanel, Tom Ford, and Jil Sander decided to fill the lack of color in our daily life. They all decorated on their handbags, glittering, sequins, and other glittering. Decoration. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: sequins bag)


15. Animal pattern

! From printing trends to swimwear trends, animal printing has always occupied the dominant position. This fall, the designers have shifted from the Queen of the catwitch to Cheetah and python patterns from the past few years. So, if you want to add some fashion elements to the bag in 2021, then look at the early autumn series of Langwan, Dior, and Wallen Tiannu! (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: animal print bag)

16. Embroidery and weaving details

Who can resist the simple feeling of embroidery? When it comes to the popular trend of the fall of 2021, the designers will definitely not do this! The handmade style appears in many series, but the most exciting thing is Gabriella’s heart. Gabriela Hearst and Ulla Johnson. Herster adopted a classic flower style in her handbags, while Ulla Johnson grabbed the need for travel with an embroidered handbag.

17. Half -monthly streaming bag

And we have been waiting for -a cross -moon -shaped tramp! This bag has recently become popular on Instagram, reminiscent of Jehisho’s favorite Gucci bag. The fashion style of 2021 is usually a small or mid -bag with a lazy shoulder strap. You can go to the shopping website to see, it is loved by Instagram Internet celebrities everywhere. (2021-2022 autumn and winter handbag trends: a half-moon structure stray man bag)

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