This 88 -year -old beautiful embroidered mother, embroidered Fang Wenshan’s “Blue and White Porcelain” on the tulle, is so beautiful that it is suffocating

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Instead with a needle line,

She wrote a beautiful encounter with Jiangnan.

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Over the past,

The car and horse are very slow, the letter is far away,

I only love one person in my life.

A short letter, long love,


All strokes are sincere,

And today, I forgot the writing, today

How many people will write a letter?

▲ “Blue and White Porcelain Letter”

in Shanghai,

But there is such a beautiful girl


She couldn’t bear to see the letter disappearing,

Then use a needle line to write,

Taking yarn silk as a letter paper,


Cover the text and paintings one by one,

Continue writing this irreplaceable romance,

She is the embroidery mother–

Blue and waiting for smoke rain,

And I am waiting for you.

Moonlight was salvaged,


The ending was fainted.


For example


You smile.

A “Blue and White Porcelain Letter”,

歌 Copy Fang Wenshan’s lyrics,

With a blue pattern,

The aesthetics of the blue color,


Blue is pure and elegant,

As if a beautiful encounter in the south of the smoke and rain.


“Peach Blossom”


Carrying with Sansheng III,


Shi mile of peach blossoms’ beautiful love.

▲ “Peach Blossom Xin”

Recipe, Shining,

Blossom flowers thanks, reincarnation.


The fragmented of each petal,

It’s all a beautiful heart knot,

Lingling and flying in the text, can’t bear to leave.

Born in 1988, I wish you heart, listening,

The association with embroidery starts occasionally.

When she was a child, she did not contact the embroidery,

If you have to find an opportunity,

That is, my childhood followed her mother to learn to knit glove bibs,

I have embroidered some simple cross stitch at the university.

Until the graduate student in 2012,

She first came into contact with a name

Ribbon embroidery




It was deeply attracted;

Those embroidery are three -dimensional,

The color is rich and full,

Needle changes and diverse, exquisite and extraordinary.

▲ Ribbon embroidery work “Lavender”

She can’t help but want to understand,

So self -learning acupuncture,


Constantly pondering learning,

The day is immersed in the quiet and beautiful embroidery.


▲ Ribbon embroidery work “Grape”

Two years later, I faced the greetings of graduation,

Finding a job repeatedly frustrated,

I don’t want to step by step,

I don’t want to follow the waves,

She suddenly had a bold idea:

Entrepreneurship by your own craftsmanship.

▲ “Spring Deer”

Do what you like,

It is the real talent.


She wants to follow her inner voice,

Even if the road ahead is long, the thorns are dense,

But only embroidery,


Only to make her always passionate.

▲ “Butterfly”

For many people,

Embroidery is boring and complicated,

But for Zhu Xinlian,

Everything is not difficult, but a kind of enjoyment,

All the crafts are studying by yourself,

Read the information and finish it.

▲ “Galaxy”

From flat embroidery, three -dimensional embroidery to French embroidery,

She keeps trying different acupuncture,

Especially good at French embroidery,


This is the French national treasure -level process,

The three -dimensional sense is strong and the visual impact is great.


I wish the Xinlin initially being embroidered by French embroidery

Attracted by the noble temperament;


But she loves China’s profound cultural heritage for thousands of years,

She wants to inherit our nation’s own things,


So constantly try to improve,

To make things that really belong to China.

▲ “Flower Good Moon”

She started to take the representative elements of traditional Chinese culture

“Blue and White Porcelain”, “Mid -Autumn Festival reunion”, “reincarnation of life and death”, etc.

Instead of design.

The most amazing embroidered Chinese character-

Chinese characters that are embroidered one by one, one stroke, one stroke,

Let the charm of text strokes,

Presented in a needle line,

Combined with the temperature of the heavy culture and handmade embroidery,

Don’t have an elegant charm.

But the word “embroidery” on gauze is far compared

“Write” on the paper is tens of millions of times,

Full handmade embroidery,

Every word,

It takes 5 ~ 8 minutes to complete.


Dozens of Chinese characters,

But to complete it with 20 or thirty working hours,


Its craftsmanship is extremely complicated and tedious.


After I wish the pattern and text every time I conceive,

First of all, you must use a pen on the European Root yarn

Describe the patterns one by one.

Then use up to dozens of color lines for embroidery,


It can be completed after countless thorns.

Because the carrier of the embroidery, the euro yarn is very thin and light,

The transparency is high,

Each stroke of the stroke must be handled carefully,

One text is likely to be combined by stroke

It must be divided into ten times and eight pins,

This requires great patience,


Otherwise, the flaws and flaws will be seen on the front of the work,

It affects the beautiful work.

The stroke on the back of the work is not across lines or knots,

All rely on a little bit of fine turns treatment,


Not only retains the charm of Chinese Chinese characters and strokes,


Whether it is the front back of the front

Which angle appreciation is extremely delicate.

This not only tests the patience and skill of the embroidered mother,

What is more tested is that the heart of the embroidered mother is like stopping the water,

Abandon the strong heart of Fanchen miscellaneous thoughts.

I wish you always sit a whole day,

Many works take up to ten and a half months,

Use dozens of materials color lines.

Full year, come down all year round,

The damage to the eyes, shoulders and waist is very large,


She is completely not afraid, in her opinion,

No matter we pay more attention,

There is always a day of physical strain or even decline.

▲ “Mermaid”


Compared with the peaceful daily day,

She is more willing to put her body and soul,

Dedicated to embroidery,

Do what she likes,

Make works that can withstand time precipitation,

This life does not bother.


▲ “Kunlun Holy Land”

A quiet embroidery is like thinking like a spring,

All steps are naturally carried out,

I didn’t deliberately do it,

Add your own imagination to technique,

Feel inspiration and burst out at will,

What you see, what you see,

I think about processing and creation in my mind,

Under the scrubbing color of time,

Become a real work that can be reached.

▲ “Fanhua”

Embroidered a work every time,

Zhu Xinling is immersed in huge joy and sense of accomplishment.

“Everything can be controlled in your own hands,

That sense of accomplishment and value,

Stimulate yourself again and again. “

6 years,

Zhu Xinlian created countless amazing works.


Also invited to participate in the “Fifth China


Exhibition of International Manual Cultural and Creative Industry Fair,

Exhibit more than 20 works.

Among them “colorful roses” obtained

“2018‘ Play Beauty Cup ’Fifth China


The Bronze Award of the International Handmade Art Contest.


The combination of embroidery and watercolor rendering on paper,


Put a layer of freehand background on paper with watercolor pigments,

Later, use a white ribbon to embroider the rose pattern on the watercolor paper,

The color is gorgeous and the three -dimensional sense is very strong,

The mind is unique and unique.

▲ “Colorful Rose”


She puts all her enthusiasm into it,

Embroidery is like a part of natural growth in my life,


The love of deep bone marrow took her to approach step by step,


Perhaps this is the destined fate in the underworld.

In the silent time,

Weaving tenderness with your hands,

Don’t get sick or not, don’t float or irritability,

Aesthetics of life,


Send to everyone who loves life.

The pictures and videos of this article are from

Weibo@embroidery designer-Zhuxin Ling,

Author: Li Siyu

Thanks to the protagonist for the interview and authorization for the release

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▲ “Peach Blossom Xin”

▲ “Flower Good Moon”

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