The high -profile coffee machine makes coffee more fragrant!

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of modern people. Drinking coffee can not only play a role in refreshing. Drinking coffee in daily leisure is also a kind of enjoyment of life, but also a reflection of quality of life. With the requirements of food and drinks, coffee made by the existing coffee mechanism has gradually replaced quick -soluble coffee, and this kind of coffee is really the connotation of coffee. There are so many styles of the current grinding coffee machine, what style of coffee machine do you like?

1. Recommend a few practical coffee machines


Recommended 1. TCL Italian coffee machine

The unique honeycomb design, the ultra -wide surface is covered with water spraying, and the essence of each coffee is fully extracted to make the coffee more fragrant. In the same time, make coffee powder soak more thoroughly. High configuration, create your own private cafe!

Recommended 2. Home electric coffee grinding machine

Super cool streamlined design, exquisite appearance and comfortable hand. Every time you drink it, you can grind it. Listening to the sound of coffee beans colliding with each other, enjoying this moment!

Recommended 3. Egcm1000 Italian coffee machine

Professional elegant car nozzle, which can make concentrated meaning -like coffee or hot drinks. Good, luxury and product. Fashion red tone, enjoy leisurely afternoon.

Recommended 4. Hand shake coffee bean grind beans

The exquisite and strong iron and whole pine wood body creates a retro style to make the home unique. I have coffee, do you have a story?


2. How to use the coffee machine now

Pour the coffee powder or grinding coffee beans into the filter paper that is developed into a funnel -shaped form. The advantage of using the filter paper is that it can filter the scum and extend the time of the coffee powder, so that the coffee taste is stronger. Next, put the coffee with the filter paper basket, pour the water into the coffee machine water storage device, cover the lid, and then open the switch. At this time, you can rest assured to do other things waiting for delicious coffee.

Third, the invention of the coffee machine


The coffee machine uses electronic technology to automate the entire process of coffee production. People have no need to spend a lot of time for grinding, powder, brewing, and cleaning the residue. The coffee machine was invented in the early 20th century. An Italian engineer of the acute child used the long -term dripping coffee because it couldn’t stand the long -term dripping coffee, so it used a high temperature and high pressure to deal with coffee. Quick conditioning invention. After that, people have continuously improved the coffee machine using this principle. Now, we can easily use the coffee machine to cook different flavors of coffee.

The coffee machine is mainly automatic coffee machine. At present, the market has the division of coin -to -coffee machines and non -coin. Coin -to -coins are mainly fast -soluble powder. Coffee machines that do not invest coins are generally integrated with grinding beans. In fact, “fully automatic” refers to grinding beans. After filling and pressing powder, you only need to press the button to get the coffee you like. Compared to semi -automatic coffee machines, it is more convenient, more human, and suitable for high -rhythmic life needs.


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