Teach you beauty | Ten conscience to remove acne magic weapon allows acne flower girls to meet male tickets!

I believe that many sisters have too much sadness on the road to fighting acne. After using many big names, I also tried a lot of folk remedies and drank Chinese medicine, but the result was what it was like at first. From now on acne, Hua Mei can counterattack. With these ten acne babies, you don’t have to worry about acne affecting the face value.

There are MM messages saying why many products have been used, but acne has not been cured? In fact, the reason why acne and acne are not cured is that the skin care products you choose are not strong. Most traditional acne products are mainly clean+anti -inflammatory. However, if you want to achieve acne effect, you must first sterilize and then skin care products to go deep into the dermis layer to solve acne and acne from the source.

Avene refreshing skin gel

This is good at many people, which can gently and effectively clear the excess oil and dirt of the skin, and the unique bacteriostatic ingredients can help suppress the production of acne.

Ollennin against the old miracle of death sea mud soap

A high -end and low -key brand, Audrey Hepburn is the same! It is especially suitable for oil skin, contains natural dead sea mud components, which effectively detoxify and purify the skin, so that the skin will restore healthy and aging.

Lion King acne adversion

Japanese word of mouth acne cream can eliminate inflammation and sterilization and swelling, and it is also suitable for staying up late on the physiological period. At night, apply a layer of acne the next day. For acne stars, it is a must -have for ten thousand years!

Richy Spring Acne Cleaning Cleansing Gel

This cleansing gel is a powerful nemesis of acne muscles. Its unique gel texture can effectively clean up pores, inhibit bacterial breeding, and use sensitive skin.

Kyan’s Amazon white mud net to the mask

The product contains aloe vera. After the mud film is deeply cleaned, aloe can soothe acne. Aloe vera is an efficient and moisturizing ingredient, which has a soothing repair function.

Honey soap in Snowflake Show Palace

People who have used it are good, because they are rich in Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, they have a natural Chinese medicine flavor. Acne and dilute acne marks are good. It is recommended to MM with oily skin and acne.

Olbin Health Water

This product is called first -aid in Japan, and it has a good effect on drying, acne, and closed mouth. Especially during the acne period, it can be wet with it, and the acne can be disappeared soon.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Essential Oil

A high cost -effective star acne removal item. Fighting and swollen acne is effective and small wounds on the face! You can also use a few drops of bathing in the bathtub to soothe muscle pain.

Yuemu source net acne gel

The transparent gel texture, the taste smells a faint mint. Although it contains salicylic acid, there is no tingling sensation to use. Apply it on the swollen acne and relieve the next day.

COW Cowotaine Anti -Acne Facial Washing Milk

This facial cleanser is mainly oil -controlled and anti -acne. It is super mild and does not feel tight as ordinary oil -controlled facial cleanser. For those who love acne, the oil on the face is clean and the acne can only be stopped. And sensitive muscles can also be used with confidence!

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