“1018 | Strict Selection” gives you a five -star immersive sleep, three -piece lamb velvete multi -function, autumn and winter bedding replacement: comfortable to getting up

After the autumn rain, the cold wind arrived suddenly

Let us understand the coldness of the winter early

It is caught by surprise

In a fast -paced modern society

People’s lives are getting busy

High -intensity work and living pressure are caused

Many people cannot be fully relaxed for a long time

Keep overdrawing your own health in exchange for money

With the increase of patients with insomnia and spondylosis

Then we gradually remembered

Improve sleep quality

In fact, there are many factors for low sleep quality

Not only does work pressure, irregular work and rest, etc.

You can also be right

Sleep and health affect

After all, people’s life is almost available

One -third of the time spent in bed

I definitely want to get a good sleep at home

Only in order to face tomorrow’s work

Today, I specially prepared a set for everyone

Net red lamb blanket

Let you feel

High -quality sleep experience

Very suitable for autumn and winter use

Chifeng Traffic Broadcast -Ichieva Selected Strict Selection

Lamb velvete multi -function three -piece suit

Soft skin -friendly and heating and breathable

Fan Welfare Price: Starting from 99 yuan

Soft skin lush fabric

Soon it is hot, comfortable and environmentally friendly

This net red blanket

Have thick plush

The fluff is tight, and the layers of curlers are soft

The feel is comfortable, and it will be warm soon after it is covered

Warm every inch of your skin

It also has rich elasticity

The gloss is soft, the weight is very light

Its surface is very smooth, soft, skin -friendly

It can disperse the pressure that the human body has affected

Has a certain massage effect

Cashmere hair is made of environmentally friendly material

Not easy to remove hair, deform, and get the ball

No stimulation for the skin

The cover is light and warm

And the lambs are very breathable

Gap between blanket fiber

It will form an air flow layer

Let us reach a constant temperature state in the sleep state

Multi -function network carpet

Can be used as sheets, quilts, and air -conditioned blankets

Multifunctional lambspiece blanket relies on strong effects

Not only can it be used as a blanket

It can also be used as a quilt, net red carpet, baby carpet

Warm blanket, air -conditioned blanket, knee blanket, home blanket

Pet blanket camping, blankets, shawls, etc.

In autumn, you can use blankets directly

In winter, you can pull the zipper

Put in a quilt can be used for quilt

Spring and summer can replace thin and air -conditioned quilts

Use arbitrarily on both sides

Whenever I put the wool blanket

Covering on the body is warm

Like the sun in winter

Bring you warmth to you and your family

European environmental protection printing and dyeing technology

The color is bright, and the resistance is not shrinking

Lamb puff blankets adopted

European advanced environmental protection printing and dyeing process

Five different colors of printing and dyeing

For your choice

So as to form a whole

More than ordinary printing and dyeing technology

The advantages of high color fastness, no shrinkage, no fading and other advantages

And wool blankets are in the home world

It has already become one of the fashionable soft furnishings accessories

The bright color has good decoration

Can make the family look rich and luxurious

No matter what decoration style

Can be decorated with a wool blanket to decorate

Make your home warm and romantic

More information


It can be cleaned in the washing machine. It is recommended to use cold water to clean it, and the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.

It is recommended to dry in a sunny place.

It is not recommended to use dry cleaning, chemicals may affect product quality.

If you do not use it for a long time, please place it in a dry and hygienic place.

The autumn meaning is getting stronger, and the first cold appears

This wool blanket at the time of cold autumn

Send you warmth

Elegant taste allows your home to present immediately

Open the perfect life here

What are you still hesitating?

Hurry up and place an order to experience ~

For consultation, please add customer service


Chifeng Traffic Broadcast -Ichieva Selected Strict Selection

Chifeng Traffic Broadcast -Ichieva Selected Strict Selection

Lamb velvete multi -function three -piece suit

Lamb velvete multi -function three -piece suit

Soft skin -friendly and heating and breathable

Soft skin -friendly and heating and breathable

Fan Welfare Price: Starting from 99 yuan

Fan Welfare Price: Starting from 99 yuan

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