The white bottoming shirt is too vegetarian? Tide people teach you how to wear a sense of high -level, Liu Wen and He Sui are all going on

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For girls, this kind of fashion item is essential in daily life, especially in the winter season, the bottom is not only a fashion item, it can bring more to the overall dressing

Sense of fashion

At the same time, because of the addition of the bottom items, the overall dressing will

More warm.

However, many girls will wear a black bottoming shirt. I think the black bottoming shirt is very practical, and the effect of thin and warm and warmth is impeccable, but the black base has long been outdated. Now

White basement

The point is, especially when I bought a cabinet bottoming shirt, I found that it was still white


, Learn how to wear it easily


I don’t know how to match it, you can learn from these

Dry goods sharing

It is not difficult to believe that you want to become “wearing fashion”.

Analysis of the matching of white bottoming shirt

1) High -necked bottom shirt

Features: versatile and varied

High -necked bottoming shirts are common in daily life, but there are very few girls who dare to try this bottoming shirt, because in the impression of most girls, white bottoming shirts are a kind of

More fat

In fact, the white high -neck bottoming shirt can be worn at all


At the same time

More versatile

, And the style of interpretation in the wear is more varied, which will not be limited by your wear.

More advanced,

So how do this kind of bottoming shirt match in daily life?

Daily matching method: blue coat+white tall shirt+jeans

White itself is a kind of very

Clean color

, So if you want to make white more unable to stand out, the color of other items you choose must be

Light -colored system

For example, with a blue coat, this dress is in daily life

More pleasing.

In order to be more in line with the style of daily wear, you can go with a jeans on this basis, and the overall dress is in line with

Daily style.

At the same time, it will make the overall dress look up

Girls full

, Have a good age reduction effect, blue itself is a kind of


So this way of matching

Practical and trendy.

2) Half -necked bottom shirt

Features: comfort and warmth

Many girls in life, in fact, do not like to wear high -necked bottom shirts, right

The neck is relatively short

For girls,

High -necked bottom shirt

This type of version will cause some trouble to wear, and feel that after putting it on


, The whole person was collared by a sweater


If you are not used to trying a high -necked white bottoming shirt, you can try a version to try, select

Half -neck

For white bottoming shirts, these two items are actually different. Don’t look at the design details of high collar.

But the half -high -necked white bottoming shirt is worn than the high -necked bottoming shirt

More comfortable,

It won’t make you feel that the whole person is panicked, but let the overall dress be even more

Comfortable and warm.

Daily matching method: silhouette black coat+half -high -neck white bottoming shirt

In daily life, wearing it is comfortable and natural,

Don’t be too exaggerated

But at the same time, you can’t lose

, So you need to grasp a certain skill, so whether it is the choice of style or


The whole must be just right.

So it is more recommended for white half -neck shirt to match the black ones

Souple coat,

This combination is to make the overall dress more

Classic Modern,

The silhouette coat is a fashion item that has been popular in the past two years.

At the same time black with white and classic

International color matching

, So the overall matching does not lose the sense of fashion, and at the same time it will enhance the whole person’s whole person

fashion sense.

3) Round -neck white bottoming shirt

Features: strong plasticity

The white bottoming shirt of the round neck model can shape different ones in the wear

trendy style

, With loose models

down jacket

, Can create daily leisure wind, if paired with other fashion items.

For example, woolen coats, or lamb hair coats, white round neck shirts will be based on the style of these items

Continuous changes.

So the white bottoming shirt is just a kind of

Basic model

The fashion items, but it does not have the so -called fashion style itself, it is based on different items

Conversion at any time


Features: Add a sense of hierarchy

The white bottoming shirt is matched in daily life. In fact, there is no difficulty at all. For some

Fashionable Xiaobai

In terms of, I want to make my own wear.

At the same time, it can make the overall wear

Strong sense of fashion

, You can choose a black shoulder pad suit with white ones

Round neck shirt

This combination makes the overall color matching too monotonous, then you can go with a bright red boot on this basis, which can make the overall dress look more


And this matching method is also typical


For those who are not good at matching and black, this matching solution is very practical.

4) Fold white bottoming shirt

I do n’t know if girls have found that among the many white bottoming shirts, there is a bottoming shirt and a high -collar white bottom shirt very similar, that is, a folded white bottoming shirt. High -necked bottom shirt

Great difference


But many people think that these two items are actually a single product, and in fact folds

White bottoming shirt

It is more than ordinary high -necked bottom shirt


At the same time, because of the design details of the folds, this kind of bottoming shirt can make the overall dress more add more

And ordinary high -necked bottom shirts do not have this folds. It is recommended that you must distinguish the difference before matching this bottoming shirt.

The attribute between single products

Then go further to combine your wear.

Daily matching method: camel suit+white fold bottom shirt+black wide -leg pants


The white bottoming shirt will not look too monotonous like an ordinary bottoming shirt. As long as a basic camel suit is paired in daily life, the overall dress will look more.

Because of the white fold bottoming shirt

detail design

It is a sense of space in the cycle, and on this basis, go with a atmosphere.

Black wide -leg pants

, Overall wear

Comfortable and natural.

At the same time in line

Daily wear

The style makes people feel that you are a focus on clothing, pursuing

Exquisite and quality

People, if you don’t know what to wear in life, then this kind of matching scheme is

the best choice.

Do you still think the white bottoming shirt is too vegetarian? Tide people teach you how to wear a high -level sense,

Liu Wen and He Sui are all on,

It is not difficult to find the “white base” in the fashion industry through the above -mentioned dry goods sharing.

Fashionable and versatile

What are you waiting for for a must -have for the must? Hurry up and put it on.

Sense of fashion

Sense of fashion

Features: Add a sense of hierarchy



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