Deep sea notes: “Explore No. 1” scientific examination waves

After the “Struggler” submersible, the “Frogman” unlocked the dragging cable for it. The “Struggler” was carried by the “Exploration One” science ship. It departed from Sanya, Hainan on August 11 this year to participate in the implementation of the TS21 voyage deep -sea science test task. On the way, it was officially put into a conventional scientific examination application in Mariana Trench. Photo by reporter Chen Kaizi

The staff did inspection before the instrument was laid. Photo by reporter Chen Kaizi

Submariners have been maintained and tested on the “Struggler”. Photo by reporter Chen Kaizi

Editor’s note: Human beings have never stopped curious about the unknown world, and this is the same for the deep sea. From August 11th to October 8th, the “Explore No. 1” science ship is equipped with key equipment such as the “Struggler” Jeon -deep -manned submersible. After completing relevant applications and sea trial operations, they returned smoothly. This is the first large -scale comprehensive deep -sea science test section in China. Behind the brief news, there are the hardships of the deep -sea scientific research and the dream of “deep sea people”. Our reporter participated throughout the process, witnessed and recorded the almost unknown story …

(1) Temporary Party Branch

On the second day of going to the sea, I just woke up from the seasickness of the east and west, and was notified to hold a session of all party members of the voyage to set up a temporary party branch.

The conference room was on the third floor of “Explore No. 1”. It was very small, and it was full of people within a few minutes. There are young researchers, graduate students from universities, and crew drifting all year round. Everyone was sitting strictly, just like preparing a battle next.

There is no lengthy opening remarks, no cumbersome process, but a loud statement, cutting through the silence of the boat of the boat–

“No one dares to go up, party members go first!”

“No way, Communist Party members are the way!”

“Never return to the road because of personal difficulties!”

“Entering the deep sea and abyss, be responsible for the results of the scientific research!”


On a broken ship, such a meeting was full of mission.

In the future, every time the party members are equipped with a sea test or a submersible, the party members always take the lead in rushing to the deck, under the scorching sun, the heat of the heat, suffering from the storm, and the starlight, lift the machine, pull rope cables, stare at the stare Data; when the device fails, they can make good efforts and come up with the method of cracking; when they are not in place in place, they first do self -examination and reflection; when they are cut, injured, injured, and injured Fire.

When I saw these scenes, I believe that the meaning of the temporary party branch on this ship is not just a ritual, but more, it is the soul of this deep -sea science test team.

(2) “Turning”

When the sea condition is not good, the boat shakes the waves. People who have no experience in the sea, like a tumbler, need to practice the balance of balance.

In a few days when they just boarded the boat, some people flushed their faces because of seasickness, and they could only move in the corridor step by step. If you do n’t grab the handrails upstairs, you can break your legs. The crew told me that on the way to the waters of the Mariana Trench, I encountered a strong typhoon. The helmsman had to put a plastic bag on the driver’s table and vomited while driving the boat.

The Western Pacific area that “Explore No. 1” is the “source” of many typhoons. The crew joked: “We are a group of typhoons.” But the captain Li Xiaochuan’s expression was not easy. He stared at the cloud group in the distance, and his brows were always locked.

Fortunately, after the formation of several low -voltage cyclones, it was about to look at it, and the direction gradually deviated. After the “Exploring No. 1” ended in the Western Philippine Sea Basin area, it set off to the Mariana Trench waters of about 250 nautical miles. At this time, the meteorological prediction system showed that the typhoon reached the point of the previous operation, and the center waves exceeded 10 meters.

We almost trapped the typhoon eyes.

Even the experienced crew may be accidentally in the bad sea conditions. When the electrical master Zhong Jinbo was overhauled, his arm was drawn out of a long mouth by the iron film, but he still wrapped his gauze to continue his work. He felt that from the start of this boat, everyone was ready to challenge any difficulties.

Be a hidden surname, and be shocked. Are these “tumblers” with their own “balanced instruments”?

(3) Maritime Factory

“There are no units, there are only positions”, which is the rule of everyone on the scientific test of the “Exploring No. 1” scientific test. In the sea of ​​Wangyang, the scientific test ship is like an island, and it is more like a maritime factory, which is intense and efficient.

The “Struggler” is a difficulty technique. Before diving, the eight potential aircraft need to spend several hours or even tens of hours, and jointly conducted a “physical examination” to eliminate and repair the fault. For tricky issues, sometimes they will boil overnight, and they fall asleep after falling, and they can’t wake up at all.

The “division of golden points” above the deep sea tests the professional literacy of measuring equipment and researchers. Each layer of submersible or deep -sea instruments and equipment, scientists must make precise computing and scientific prediction after considering the surge, wind direction, latitude and longitude, and underground terrain landforms in advance. The difference is thousands of miles, and there must be no negligence.

Responsible for the laid and recycling operation is Gai Wenqing, director of the experimental department. He is recognized as a very careful person who checks the device several times a day. But every time he was put and recycled the operation, he still seemed to be bold. “Always worry about errors.” When he said this, his eyes kept watching the deck, and even a screw was not let go.

After everything was ready, the submersible was slowly launched from the gear orbit between the submarine. After arriving at the tadpole, put down the water and put it down. Unlock the dragging cable. Without paying attention, people will be thrown into the water. After the “No. 1” was given a dive instruction, the “Struggler” began the abyss trip.

After the submersible came up with the operation, the sailors had already drove the boat to search and welcome them on the sea. Sometimes the wind and waves are rushing, and the boat is tapped on the water surface. It is inspected back and forth. Such a scene is like searching the spacecraft to return the cabin on the Gobi Beach.

The crew, the crew cordially called it “Haiyan”.

(4) Sailor and cross stitch

“Water Head” Zhou Lutao happily took out his cross -stitch photos, which was a picture of “Qingming Shanghe”. It is hard to imagine that this was embroidered by a pair of calluses and rough hands.

He claimed to have “eighteen martial arts”: motor welding, maintenance, decoration, hydropower, haircuts … He has been a coal miners, opened a loader at the port, and has also been a restaurant manager. The crew career started in 2012 and belongs to a halfway monk. But until he became a sailor, he still couldn’t swim.

On the “Explorer No. 1”, in addition to the rudder and the boat, the main responsibilities of the sailor also have the deck paint, washing and losing work. Especially when serving a small boat, it is necessary to be “fast and fierce.”

In the deep -sea science examination, the wind blowing sun and rain are commonplace. Over time, rheumatism has become an occupational disease. When he was so tired that he couldn’t stand up, he listened to the nostalgic song “Sailor”, “Listening, fatigue,” dispersed. “

I have seen their work clothes piled up in the washing room, and each of them has several layers of salt dirt. It is a trace of continuous sweating and evaporation. One day, when a crew struggled to pull the rope cable, the soles collapsed a pair of special shoes, which containing iron films and very strong shoes.

Zhou Lutao has two wishes. One is to take this scoring boat in the future and go to the major oceans to appreciate the beauty of the ocean around the world. Another one, I hope your children will not do this in the future.

Later, I heard that his son was studying and was still related to ships.

(5) Special splashing ritual

The small bench was set and sat down. This is the first time to dive or break through the dive record of the “Struggler”, at the time of glory at “Explore No. 1”.

In the process of slightly tedious deep -sea scientific research process, it can be said to be a grand holiday.

Ruan Dongrui, a graduate student in Zhejiang University, said that he was lucky and broke through 7700 meters for the first time. Before entering the submarine, he thought about whether he could have some major discoveries after countless times, such as magical creatures, ancient shipwrecks, and broken rock formations … “At first, his mind was blank, but he became more and more excited after entering the water. “

His “Shouqian” was not surprised. Because there are many “dust” under the submarine bottom and low visibility, it searches with the naked eye through the portholes, and it almost obtains nothing. Until the submarine came out of the water pouring water, he closed his eyes tightly, such as the release: “This is a real portrayal, and the deep -sea science examination is not smooth sailing.”

He Weifei, who had experienced going out of sea before, seemed more sophisticated. This time, when the “Struggler” was successfully bottomed out, he from the 702 Institute of China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd. participated in the development of this “oversized” submersible battery and relieved him. The first test of the abyss and suffered. “

“I’m here to be responsible for the guarantee of battery and power distribution technology.” He Weiwei said. From the “Dragon” to “Deep Sea Warriors”; from silver -zinc batteries to lithium batteries; from after entering the water, there are faults to stronger reliability, he has witnessed the rapid development of my country’s manned submersible battery design and development.

He lamented: “The electrical stability of the” Struggle “, I don’t have to be as anxious as before.”

(6) “Mystery” from the bottom of the sea

“Report the water surface, pick up the samples of the bottom of the sea, there are sea cucumber, hook shrimp, and a few lion fish.”

“Report the water surface, pick the sediments and rock samples at the bottom of the sea.”

The abyss sample is captured, packaged and transported to the surface through the submersible robotic arm. Before lifting up, the submariner usually sends the harvest of the “Struggler” abyss operation to the duty room of the driver’s desk through text information.

Next to the artificial whale landing in the bottom of the sea, Cai Shanya, assistant to the voyage project, found that the depth of nearly 8000 meters appeared. The lights are gone, hook shrimp and lion fish are dancing like fireflies. Deep -sea lion fish looks like a small pink white baby fish, long tail, no skin, translucent, dotted with two dark, functional degraded eyes; hook shrimp is actually not shrimp, almost all can be seen in different sea depths. Their trace.

“The bottom of the sea is really a magical world!” She held her fingers, counting the abyss species I saw this voyage -sea cucumber, multi -haired, sea sheath, snake tail, stigma, sea lily …

In the biological laboratory of “Explore No. 1”, Zhang Yu, a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, has been fiddling the sediment samples brought back by the submersible. Then be patient with the rocks in my hand. In my mind, the crust sports, volcanic eruption scenes of millions of years ago …

If you take the “Struggler” to dive, at the bottom of the deep sea, you will find that there are “plains”, “ridges”, “cliffs”, and “cliffs”. Of course, there must be a lot of biology, rocks and strange phenomena that many humans have not studied so far.

In the deep sea, there are many mysteries waiting for humans to announce.

(7) “Transparent Ocean”

In front of the deep sea, we humans are just elementary school students.

Liu Shuangquan, who is “looking for stones in the deep sea of ​​thousands of meters”, agrees with this sentence. In order to participate in this voyage, his hometown Gansu will postpone two weddings and postpone it again, in order to see the rocks of the “Challenger abyss” of the Mariana Trench.

“I can’t talk about love at first, but I feel interesting when I do it.” In the circle of friends, even if you send a shot of the sea sunset, you can attract countless envy, which makes him feel full Pride. Liu Shuangquan said that every time the deep -sea scientific research can be found, new things can be found, so they will not feel tired. What he has done now is to study the foundation of the deep sea for more scientists in the future.

Zhang Jian, the same young engineer, is a “veteran” researcher who participated in the first voyage of “Explore No. 1” in the Institute of Deep Sea Science and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He often takes some strange creatures or phenomena encountered during the scientific research process, and is taken to save it in his mobile phone. After returning to the air, he shows his children as soon as he arrives at home. “Children are curious about these, in fact, I am as curious as a child.”

As far as he is concerned, China has opened the door of the 10,000 -meter deep -sea scientific research, and more and more deep -sea equipment will appear in the ocean in the future. “After decades, we may see ‘transparent ocean’.” Zhang Jian said that he hopes that one day, the scientific cognition from the shallow sea to the abyss can constitute a painting, which is fully displayed in front of humans. (Chen Kaizi)

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

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