Hyun Ya’s thick soles of shoes have returned to the tide again

Recently, the editor saw the Converse Run Star Motion thick sole shoes of the “ugly” at first glance. Even the unique South Korean Mustang Ma Hya could not resist his charm, and he took his handsome boyfriend with his handsome boyfriend.

Sure enough, thick sole shoes are back! This kind of shoes can increase the volume of the lower body. Wearing it on the feet not only shows high people, lengthen the legs of the legs, but also match it well. Various styles can be held.

So, today’s editor will talk about thick -soled shoes worth starting this year.

01 Good news (thick bottom canvas shoes)

Summer is more suitable for daily shoes material. The canvas fabric is the first choice, which is relatively breathable and light. The thick -soled canvas shoes quietly pull the tall person on the basis of breathable. Let’s take a look at GOOD NEWS from London’s thick canvas shoes.

Sky blue is naturally a fresh color that cannot be missing in summer. When the color matching blue is a pure white and thick sole, it is very fresh to think about it. With a dress, it shows light vitality.

This white blue flower sticker is full of pastoral wind and is also very versatile. It is sweet and playful with jeans to wear a simple atmosphere, and the rural wind floral skirt.

Compared to blue, pink is more sweet. If you want to show gentleness and pleasant in the summer, it is always right to choose this pair.

Black and white classic models are more handsome and versatile, suitable for matching all styles of clothes. It is a style that does not make mistakes in how to match it.

The thick white shoes are the gospel of many short girls. Add a thick bottom on the basis of simple white shoes. In addition to the increase in small white shoes, it is more interesting.

02 Superga (thick sole canvas shoes)

Another Italian national brand, SUPERGA, specially manufactured shoes for sports or daily. They have a long history and invented vulcanized shots.

This pair of puffy cake and white shoes follow the most traditional sulfide bottom of their family. The dark shades are very retro to match, and even like a pair of shoes that can be used comfortably and informal occasions.

The bottom of the colorful loose cake is also a good heart with many trendy fans. It will not be too eye -catching, but it can add fun and trend to simple shapes.

What is even more eye -catching is the big -character puffy cake bottom. Such thick sole shoes are recommended to match the simpler shape, otherwise it will give people a dazzling feeling.

03 CHINCHIN (thick base sandals)

Chinchin, a niche women’s shoe designer brand from China, is committed to creating fashionable and unsatisfactory boutique shoes. ” Essence

This year’s human character high heels, thick sole shoes are all hot. Chinchin is inlaid with three -dimensional crystal beads embroidered flowers on human characters, with a comfortable sheep leather texture, which solves the discomfort of many human character design.

In addition to the design of human characters, the magic sticker is back again! The pink fat “Cheers” and the brand name, jumping on the magic paste, looks extraordinarily young. It is very suitable for some girly -like shapes to show the romantic colors unique to summer.

On this basis, add heavy workers to embroidery, lingering a casual and solemn sense, which is very useful to balance the overall sweetness.

In his magic sticker, the editor prefers these pairs. The white magic stickers are embellished with large and small pearl chains. In the distance, there is a kind of garbage rock and roll free and easy. Sweet is a little sexy and a bit of sex.

There is also a contrast version, black with green bead embroidery, which is very cool.

04 Ganni (thick base sandals)

Ganni from the United States is good at using high -saturation colors to combine with a sense of design to interpret women’s voices. This pair of red -bottomed jelly drags can be used to express the enthusiasm for summer. The fat sole and the newly set off a hint of playful and cute in the warmth.

The red enthusiasm, the black COOL brings a touch of coolness to the whole body. In a high -saturation color, it is also good to make a cool girl who is unusual.

05 VitTorio Ventura

VirtTorio Ventura, a niche designer brand frequently ones, has attracted the attention of trendy girls in China. The unique sense of design and girl has attracted much attention.

This pair of sheepskin fills thick shoes, and there are many careful machines that increase the sense of styling. The thick -soled gear design makes the shoe shape look fuller, and the finishing touch of the diamond jewelry also makes people shine.

The 3D printed hollowed shoe sole is based on the sense of layering and styling. It is said that there is an cushioning effect, and a pair of shoes that are not afraid of tiredness. The pearl chain on the upper is designed to add a touch of sweetness and girlishness to the overall tide. The color of white and fruit green is more playful and young.

Add petals and shoe buckles on the basis of the same sole, which is even more girly and highlights the slender ankle!

If you also want to enter a pair of trendy thick sole shoes recently, you can read this article and start with the editor!

Picture source: INS, fashionable store

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