Shenzhen Zhongzhu Landscape Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Bridge Bridge Line Light Quality Distribution?

Shenzhen Zhongzhu Landscape Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Bridge Bridge Line Light Quality Distribution?

Shenzhen Zhongzhu Landscape Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Bridge Bridge Line Light Quality Distribution? I believe many people are in doubt. Today, Shenzhen Zhongzhu Lighting Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. will answer it with you!

Bridge line lights are mainly used in outline outline, which is used in large -scale dynamic light bands such as billboard background, overpass, river, lake fences, and building outlines. It can produce the gorgeous effect of rainbow. It plays the effect of highlighting the landscaping building.

It can be brightened by a large -scale screen, connecting the computer synchronization controller, which can display patterns, animation video and other effects. It turns out that it has become a wonderful work in lighting products and blooms in a dynamic city. So how do we choose the right LED line light correctly? A product will bring a better display effect to the entire project. The lighting of the landscape lighting Xiaobian organizes the quality of the quality of a LED line light.

Shenzhen Zhongzhu Landscape Bright Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Bridge lighting line lights The quality of the line lights are distinguished as follows:

1. From the perspective of the line lamp shell aluminum material

When we hold the lights in our hands, we will see the appearance and details of the lamp shell, especially the color spray -sprayed lamp shell, a good product, the color spray details are also good, and the weight of the shell is also The weight of the shell determines the price of the product. The heavier the aluminum shell, the higher the price. The large shell is generally thin when making cheap manufacturers. In order to save costs, the color processing details on the surface of the shell will not be very detailed;

2. Observe from the line lamp to the wiring header

Get the lights, look at the shell first, look at the shell, and then look at the lines on both sides. The good pairing line uses the national standard rubber waterproof line, and there is a solid needle of the copper head. The cheap plugs are PVC lines. The texture and details are relatively rough. The needles are silver -plated inside, and they cannot resist high and low temperature.

3. From the line lamp PC cover or glass

Because there are two types of LED line lights: PC cover and glass plates on the market, we need to see the thickness and lighting effect of the PC cover. The light transmission effect is better and there will be no spots. Generally, it is recommended to use a diffuse cover. The poor PC cover will have some small spots when light transmittance, and the material is very thin. Many of these materials are made of second -hand materials. It has been used for a long time outdoors and it is easy to crack. Look at the thickness of the glass;

4. From the perspective of line lamp glue

First of all, there are several types of LED line lamps. Commonly used: transparent silicone, transparent resin and PU gel. There are two types of silicone and PU commonly used now. Few people use resin now. The prices of silicone and PU glue are different. The price of PU glue is more expensive than silicone. PU glue is beige, black, transparent. kind.

Line lights are generally two types of PU glue are beige and transparent. PU glue and aluminum are better paste, and the waterproof effect is also good. It can resist high and low temperature. What about silicone? It is slightly worse than the adhesion of aluminum, and the silicone itself has a little pH, so it must be lens on the use of silicone lamp beads, fearing that it will affect the lamp beads. And there are a lot of silicone manufacturers, the prices are different;

5. From the light source of the line lights and the inside line board material

However, this kind of finished lamps are generally done, we often do not see this kind of finished lamp, so we can only look at the parameters given to me by the manufacturer. It’s clear and more standardized.

The above is the Shenzhen Zhongzhu Lighting Landscape Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. bridge lighting line lamp quality resolution of Shenzhen Zhongzhu Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., I hope everyone will help after watching it!

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