The budget is tight, how to configure water treatment equipment ——- comfort system purchase guidelines

The budget is tight, how to configure water treatment equipment ——- comfort system purchase guidelines

Many readers ask Uncle Ru, whether the water treatment equipment should be installed during decoration? What do you want to install? Which brand is better? Do I have to install the front filter? Is the soft water machine useful? Which is better for 3M or Yikou? ——- There are quite a lot of questions about water treatment. Uncle Jian wrote an article to talk about the house’s water treatment equipment.

Many readers know that the decoration is very expensive. Among them, the kitchen and bathroom are spent the greatest. As the saying goes, “Golden Kitchen and Silver Guard” is that the kitchen decoration spends your gold and the bathroom decoration spends your silver. From the perspective of the function interval at home, the decoration costs. If we change the angle and from the perspective of basic living needs, you will find that the most expected time is actually related to the “air” at home and “water”. The air conditioner, floor heating, heating film, fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, fresh air system, purifier, thermal insulation material, doors and windows systems, etc. are all of you pay for the appropriate air; Water treatment equipment, transmission and distribution pipelines, faucet, water heater, shower room, toilet, basin, sink, bathtub, washing machine, waterproof material, etc. These are directly or indirectly related to the water. If someone asks me, when you decorate, you will not hesitate to tell him: air, water. The air is more complicated, let’s talk about the water in the future.

As we all know, water is the source of life. 70%of the human body consists of water. When the human body loses 6%of water, thirst and fever will occur. If a person does not drink water, life can only last about 7 days. People are inseparable from water, and the quality of water directly affects the quality of life. However, people know very little about their own water quality. Usually, it is just that the water quality is good or bad, or the scale of the scale is relatively hard. Few people really understand their water quality. In fact, it can be roughly understood through some water quality detection tools. For example, to detect the pH value of the test paper with pH, ​​the TDS water quality test pen can test the total solid solid (TDS), the GH test agent to detect the hardness of the water, and use the residual chlorine test agent to detect the residual chlorine ingredients. Maybe according to the actual water quality of your home, some of the water treatment equipment is targeted, instead of the cloud, or spend a lot of money overly add those expensive branded water treatment equipment.

Soft water, water purification, and pure water are the three most common water in family life. As for new nouns such as activated water, oxygen -rich, direct drinking water, ecological water, etc., you can listen to the story for the time being. Just like Uncle Ru watching a mansion every day, he is a dream of recreational entertainment. By the way, the so -called “black technology” in the field of civilian products has the most nouns. It is estimated that we are too stupid and too easy to be deceived.

If the decoration budget is sufficient, the most luxurious configuration of the household water treatment equipment is: front filter+central water purifier+water soft machine+(water purifier or water purifier). As for these devices, are all choices or one or more? This depends on the water quality situation of your home and the needs and budgets of each family. It is worth reminding the water quality of your home, not the local water quality. Because water starting from a water plant to your house, you often need to go through a long “journey”.

Header treatment: front filter

The front filter is said to be invented by the Germans after World War II. Because of the bombardment of the Allies, the urban water pipe system across Germany was basically destroyed. The tap water contained a large amount of sediment and small stone, so many production pipeline valves were Factory, began to produce a large number of front filters, cheap and strong, at that time, German families could afford it. The front filter is the first coarse filtration equipment for the home water. It is usually installed after the household water meter, and the sediment, rust, and large particle substances in the tap water can be filtered through the stainless steel filtering steel mesh. , And it can protect the more expensive water purification equipment, the maintenance cost is basically zero, and there is no need to replace the filter for decades. It is recommended that you install one, it is not expensive but practical.

Two -road processing: central water purifier

The central water water is connected to the back end of the front filter. The main function is to remove the remaining chlorine, colloids, and impurities contained in tap water. Water filtered by the central water purifier can generally meet the standard of drinking water. The central water purifier is large in size and generally cannot be installed in the cabinet. You need to want to reserve the installation location. Generally, the filter material is replaced every 2-5 years.

Termination: Water Software

The soft water machine is connected to the central water purifier and is delivered to the bathroom and laundry room through the pipeline, which mainly provides water for bathing and laundry. When I used to go to Japan, I was not used to their soft water. I always felt that I did not seem to be rinsed after taking a shower. People with oily skin are relatively easy to produce this feeling. Once you adapt, return to China, especially the northern region, and feel that the water quality is too hard. The water soft machine exchanges the high hardness of tap water through the resin layer in the container. It also uses other technologies for softening treatment. It retains trace elements such as potassium and access to the human body. Calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Conventional water soft machines require power supply, and there are also water soft machines without electricity, such as the Delta water soft machine produced by Belgium, and the American Senle Water Software. The soft water machine is generally installed in the bathroom, or the north balcony near the bathroom needs to be reserved. Special salt is generally used for water soft machines, adding salt for 2–3 months.

Periodic processing: water purifier

The water purifier is also connected from the back end of the central water purifier. It is a step -by -step filtering function of the ultrafiltration film to remove the harmful substances in the water. The filtering accuracy can reach 0.01 microns, and then the filtered water can achieve the effect of drinking. The water purifier is not large and is generally installed under the cabinet. The filter element needs to be replaced. The first-level filter element is generally changed once every 3-6 months. The second-level filter element can generally use 1-2 years.

Termination: Pure water machine

The water purifier is actually a water purifier, but it is only used to filter the reverse osmosis membrane. After filtering the raw water, the pure water produced without adding any compounds is 0.0001 microns. It can filter all the substances in the water, and the water purifier can only filter out impurities. The pure water machine filters out various minerals in the water: whether it is harmful or beneficial, all of them are filtered out, such as heavy metals. Pure water machines sometimes need to use a booster pump during work. Remember to leave enough space and power position. During the use of pure water machines, wastewater will be generated. The wastewater is directly discharged to the sewer. The proportion of pure waste water in the general home pure water machine is: 1: 3-5, which is a bit wasteful. Coupled with many people think that the pure water machine removes all the minerals in the water and becomes “no nutrition”, just like distilled water. This view is actually unscientific. Under normal circumstances, the first-level filter element of the pure water machine needs to be replaced once every 6-12 months, the secondary filter element is replaced every 1-2 years, and the RO film is replaced every 2-5 years.

How to configure household water treatment equipment

How to configure water treatment? Not to first ask which brand is good, even if a good brand, not all types of water treatment equipment, are the best in this category. How to configure mainly depends on the water quality of your home and the needs and budgets of each family. The front+water purifier, or the front+water purifier, is the most basic configuration. No matter how poor the budget is, the cost of medical expenses is much more expensive than this cost. This principle was really understood by the painful talents. In a dozen years ago, Uncle Ru was a sudden kidney stones and urinary tract stones. He was extremely painful. He went to the hospital to stop the pain by Du Lengding. Only when you have the heart, you start to study and use various types of water treatment equipment. What a painful understanding! Even if there is no money to install water for the time being, it is recommended that you keep the location of the water treatment equipment with the power supply, and wait until you have money.

Look at the configuration idea of ​​a northern reader’s home.

The water purifier is the first choice. Most of the harmful substances in the water, no matter how tight the budget is, the water purifier is a necessity for modern life. If the budget allows, spend a few hundred yuan an additional front filter, which can effectively protect the washing machine and other water treatment equipment.

The soft water machine is this selection. It has many benefits: towels are no longer hard, hair is no longer straight, and clothes are no longer wrinkled. If there is a wall -hung boiler at home, then the water soft machine is necessary. It is one of the essentials of comfortable life.

The pure water machine is the third choice. If the amount of pure level is not large, you can also buy 4 liters of pure water from the supermarket to replace it. It is best not to use the barrel water on the door of the water. For those who like to drink water directly, tea, and coffee, pure water machine is an indispensable choice.

The central water purifier is the last selection. If there are only two bathrooms and small and medium units of a kitchen, and the permanent population is less than five people, if you want to save money, you can basically ignore the central water purifier, as long as you buy an ordinary water purifier or a water purifier.

Edit Message: The choice of water treatment equipment is indeed a bit troublesome. Uncle Rugao generally recommends that you consult a service provider for the water treatment system. They are usually familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of different brand products. Compared with manufacturers, they are relatively. More objective and fair. Put forward your water demand and budget, and then let the service provider give you a general configuration suggestion, not just give you one brand. Of course, experienced readers can combine the configuration that is best for their home by themselves.

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