Do you know the correct use of skin care products?

Do you know the correct use of skin care products?

Today I will introduce the correct use of skin care products. It is very important to use skin care products correctly. Let me take a look with me.

The order of skin care products in the morning is:

1. Cleansing milk

Clean up daily dirt such as basic skin care products, sweat, dust, etc. in order to open the pores and restore the bottom of the muscle to refreshing and transparent.


2, water

Generally, the skin is easy to dry after cleansing. At this time, we should use toner to make the skin quickly replenish water. Toner can balance the skin pH value, help the absorption of subsequent maintenance products, and can achieve a secondary cleaning effect.

3, eye cream

The skin around the eyes is very thin. Eye cream is too much “nutritional products cannot breathe at all. Once you use too much, the size of the rice grains can easily cause the burden on the skin around the eye to form fat particles.

4. Essence

The concentration of active ingredients is the highest, and because the molecular weight is small and the transmission system is strong, the general texture is relatively thin, and it is easy to transmit into the skin deep. This is why the essence should be used in front of the cream.

5. Milk

Because the texture is thin and refreshing, it is more likely to be absorbed by the skin, but the cream is better than the lotion. Therefore, the lotion is suitable for use in spring and summer, and the cream is suitable for dryness and autumn and winter seasons

6. Frost

For the problem of solving the skin, essence is undoubtedly more targeted than cream. However, the essence is difficult to carry sufficient oil -based skin activation ingredients (such as vitamin E, oil -soluble amino acid unsaturated fatty acid, etc.), so to obtain these nutrients, you need to get it from the cream.

7, isolation

Some skin harm is difficult to avoid. For example, even if you are facing the sky, you cannot avoid pollutants in ultraviolet and air. The second largest function of the isolation cream is to block these two non -resistant natural factors.

In addition to the isolation effect, the cream is also added with light skin tone, soft white, purple, pearl lit and other color repair particles, so that the applied cream is the first step in makeup. Most of the isolation creams on the market are divided into two categories. One type has sunscreen function, and the other has both the effect of modifying the skin color and isolation.

For those who use computers for a long time, if there is no proper protection, the skin can easily produce pigment deposition, fine lines and premature failure. It is a good way to use a cream to fight computer radiation. Most of their ingredients have abundant antioxidant factors and high concentration of nutritional moisturizing ingredients, suppress the function of free radicals, and prevent premature skin aging.

The order of skin care products at night is:

1. Makeup remover

The most important part of the whole set of nursing procedures is to use special eye makeup remover.

2. Washing your face

Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover with a warm cosmetics 量 to remove the facial makeup, without the need to wash the milk, and finally wash it with water.

3. Exfoliating

Elite every 1-2 weeks to go to the dead skin to make the skin better absorb the nutrition in cosmetics.

4. Moisturizing mask

The water supplement mask can fully supply the moisture required by the skin, and laid an important foundation for the penetration of the beauty liquid into the dermis layer.

5. Essence

It can transport nutritional ingredients to the dermis layer, so pay attention to the “needs” of the skin, and choose the suitable beauty solution.

6. Lotion or cream

“Cover with the skin” to ensure that nutrition does not lose. In dry weather, the cream is better.

Let’s talk about this today, and if you don’t understand, you can leave a message in the message area to ask me. Welcome to see me next time ~

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