How to hold light luxury in 2021? Choose the right tile, play a sense of high level

Home, no longer only for living

A good start is half of success

Essence For example, the new house decoration, if you want to install it, you must determine it before starting work

Appropriate decorative style

, Then there can be targeted and step -by -step. As a senior designer, I have clearly perceive people over the years

The demand for home decoration changes


As the living standard is getting higher and higher,

The home is no longer just a place to live


It also carries people’s pursuit of aesthetics and taste. For example, the light luxury style that is becoming more and more popular now reflects people


Comfortable, elegant

The concept of life, and right

Taste and elegance



What is light luxury wind?

Everyone can


Don’t break the context

Light luxury is neither “gentle luxury” nor “luxurious soft landing.” Its spiritual core lies in

Simple and comfortable

, Further, just want it

Eye -catching

, Also

Comfortable and practical

Essence From the perspective of the designer, I think that the light luxury style is

From vision, touch to psychology

All -round creation.


Color high -level -the color of light luxury style is high -level, for example

Camel, milk coffee, ivory white, black, carbon gray

Wait, make the space full of simplicity, light luxury, and maximize the gorgeous style.

Wild touch -light luxury style often uses it


Tile, wallpaper, mirror, velvet, leather

Waiting for elements, these elements not only look at it, but also make people feel more gentle and natural in contact.


Happy body and mind -In the hustle and bustle of modern society, when they return home, everyone hopes to unload the exhausted, light luxury home, and undoubtedly create a one for us

Good Hong Kong Bay of the mind

How to create a light luxury style and pretend to be a sense of advanced?

The source of light luxury style is actually increasingly agreed with modern people

“Light hard, heavy soft outfit”

The concept is perfect. And to create a light luxury style, except

Color matching is very simple and properly properly properly

The selection of soft furnishings should be low -key and restrained.


The largest ground space and visual space

Yes, it is tiles, so if you want to decorate light luxury, it is important to choose the right tile!

When it comes to the type of tiles, there are currently more conventional classifications

Polish bricks, glaze bricks, glazed tiles and porcelain tiles

For ordinary people, the difficulty coefficient is forced to distinguish Li Zixuan, Li Zixuan and Li Zixuan. Not much to say, one picture above, everyone can see it intuitively, you can see it,

Unique texture and low -key texture are the most suitable for light luxury style

Choose the right tiles, taste companionship

When it comes to texture and texture, a tile appears in mind unconsciously, that is


New Zhongyuan Ceramics BIG+Luxury Stone Series

Essence The popularity of Xinzhuanyuan ceramic brand is beyond words, and the creation of the BIG+luxury stone series fully illustrates a sentence-

Professional is the best

New Zhongyuan Ceramics Luxury Stone Series

Pick one thousand miles to be extraordinary. Designers are searching for the world’s famous stone origin, hundreds of natural gems, semi -gem, jade, rare marble, etc.

“Stone Luxury”

Select carefully, select

The rare, the most unique, and the most colorful


The texture of the texture, then combine fashion clothing and art elements

Analysis, reconstruction, original design

And through advanced production technology, carefully create a unique BIG+luxury stone series.


To create a light luxury style, the new Zhongyuan ceramic BIG+luxury stone series is the best choice. Big+luxury stone series can be created

Infinite connection


Under the wall

, Create a background wall with artistic effects. Whether it is the colorful Mayan impression, dream sauda, ​​blue Danube, or low -key and stable diamond black, Van Gogh blue,

Exquisite texture details, unique texture effects,

Makes people in it, you can experience the sense of space art, the overall home

Advanced to face

Essence I believe that living in such a house,

Dynamics and quietness are all enjoyment

——Addling can see the far mountains and Dai Dai, walking can watch the lake and the mountains, such a light luxury style, are you not exciting?

Putting light luxury style is critical to choose the right tile! I also look forward to more boutiques like Xinzhiyuan Ceramics BIG+Luxury Stone Series into the decoration market, adding color to quality life!

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