Skyworth Number: MINILED + Auto Electron + Huawei Concept + Flexible Screen + Chip Concept

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The company’s main business is the research, development, production, sales, operation and service of digital TV intelligent terminals and software systems and platforms. The company’s main products are 4K set-top boxes, Androidtv set-top boxes, PTV set-top boxes, OTT set-top boxes, broadband fusion, smart home gateways, intelligent networks, covering fiber access equipment, Wi-Fi5 / Wi-Fi6 wireless router, Cable Modem, 4G / 5G CPE . The company is “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Key Software Enterprise in National Planning and Layout”, “Shenzhen Industrial Hundred Enterprises”, enterprise, and a number of technologies have won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress , Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, many times awarded the first prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress, several products with an excellent design, reliable and prominent performance, have received the international four major industrial design awards, IF Award, g -Mark Award and Idea Award. It has been bornested in the “National Key Relient Technology Special”, national key research and development plan “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” VR key special, “Shenzhen Strategic Emerging Industry Regional Collection Development Project” and many other technology in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen research project. At the same time, the company is the core member of the National Radio and Television General Administration’s Smart TV Operating System TVO Project Cooperation Development Group, which is the main contributor of the project standard and interface definition, and has become a national first batch of TVOS certified enterprises, and has won the National Press and Television State Administration. Special recognition. The company has 5 provincial technology innovation vectors: Guangdong Ziyi Internet Application Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Intelligent Federation System Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Digital TV Application (Skyworth) Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Industrial Design Center , Guangdong Solid Normal Light Source Application Technology Engineering Research and Development Center and 12 deputy provincial scientific innovation carriers for Shenzhen. The company is a company in the domestic digital smart box industry is a patent accumulation (especially inventive patent), is the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Planning Layout Key Software Enterprise”, “Shenzhen City Industrial top 100 companies, enterprises. The company’s Skyworth LCD MINI-LED product officially launched mass production. One of the domestic set-top box faucets, products include 4K ultra HD digital intelligent network box terminals. The main raw materials of terminal products such as company digital smart boxes are chip, memory, high frequency head, printed circuit board, electronic support, hardware plastic materials, packaging materials Wait, software and system cost of raw material costs accounting for the proportion of product costs. The company’s main product is a broadband network connection device, broadband network fusion terminal, and connection devices include fiber optic access terminal devices (GPON, EPON, 10GPON), Cable Modem, wireless Wi-Fi router, 4G / 5G CPE and other products, fusion terminal It is integrated terminal that integrates a variety of functions such as broadband access, home network Wi-Fi, smart home, and video services. The company has a key technology and intelligent manufacturing business of flexible ○ LED display in the flexible display industrial chain. The key technology and intelligent manufacturing business of the module product. Car network platform, company automotive electronic business and Baidu Carlife, map navigation, voice interaction And online applications such as online applications. In the overseas operator market, Skyworth Digital and Huawei provide strategic cooperation to overseas operators to serve overseas operators in the world. The company has the ability of LED outdoor 3D large screen technology and product chemical, and can be achieved in conjunction with 3D content. It is planned to establish Shenzhen Tianchen Semiconductor Co., Ltd., focusing on the upper reaches of the domestic intelligent product market, developing, selling semiconductor chip business. Based on automobile intelligent driving, digitalization and new energy vehicle trends, the company also focuses on R & D, manufacturing, sales of automotive electronic front intelligence systems, including: intelligent central control (including navigation) system, driving recorder, intelligent rearview mirror, digital LCD instrument system and intelligent cars auxiliary driving system and platform to create a car smart cockpit. Currently, you should have a domestic independent brand car factory and a domestic joint venture brand vehicle factory, such as: Yangtze River New Energy, Hippocampus New Energy, Dongfeng Renault, Jiangling, Jianghuai, Shenlong, Chery, Nanjing Jinlong, Hantan, Baowo, etc. The company cooperates with Huawei, mainly with Haisi Chip Semiconductor, Huawei Hai Si Semiconductor is an important partner in the company’s digital smart box chip. Huawei Hai Si will explore product specifications, market direction, market direction, market direction, market direction, Customer group, etc. Global overseas operator service. Skyworth Triassic Defense Main Focus Professional Show, Smart Office, Intelligent Lock and other business, main products cover monitors, large LCD splices, indoors LED, advertising machines, business obvious, intelligent interactive conference screens, smart door locks, etc. Each provinces and municipalities, museums, science and technology museums, subway projects, enterprises (such as Huawei, China Bank, Huaxia Bank, etc.), China Mobile, China Unicom, Guangshi, China, etc. With the gradual popularity of 5G and Internet of Things business, the business applications of smart cities will usher in a huge breakthrough. Taking cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet, Internet, Big Data, etc. Finance, smart transportation, etc., Skyworth, Xin’an defense, from a single display terminal, gradually expanding to the entire system of providers. The company is expected to be 2021-01-01 to 2021-06-30 performance: net profit 268 million million yuan to 31,000 million yuan, the growth rate is 50.01% to 73.52%, the basic earnings per share of 0.2521 yuan to 0.2916 yuan; the same period of the same period: Net Profit 178.5559 million yuan, basic earnings per share 0.1706 yuan

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