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Recently, the spot inspection operations of relevant departments have been spread all over the country. From eating to wearing and wearing, there are a large number of products that are closely related to the lives of the people. For the health of yourself and your family, you must know that these products have been labeled unqualified!



Red Star Mei Ling was exposed to infant formula, sheep milk powder is unqualified

Shaanxi Hongxing Mei Ling Dairy Co., Ltd.

(The predecessor was called Shaanxi Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd.) The Food and Drug Administration was notified that infant formula sheep milk powder was unqualified. It is a batch of heeping baby formula sheep milk powder (segment 1), and the detection of protein does not meet the national standards of food safety.

The General Administration of Food and Drug conducts key supervision of infant formula sheep milk powder this year.

Feiheguanshan, Meico Gaosang milk powder enterprise

After being exposed, this largest sheep milk product manufacturer, known as the country, cannot be spared. (Economic Reference News)


Children’s infants and young children’s clothing inspection of 20 % does not meet the standard


The Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council announced the results of the comparative test results of children and infants and young children sold on the market on the 17th. The results showed that in the 50 batches of samples purchased, 40 batches of samples were fully in line with the standard requirements, and the overall compliance rate of the sample was 80%. There are 8 batches of unqualified children’s clothing and 2 batches of baby clothing.

Unqualified products are produced from Foshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha and other companies. Among them, a vest skirts of Hunan Miaojiabao Bai brand involve the three items: PH value, color targeting, and formaldehyde content. (Southern Daily)


Imported children’s toothbrush pass rate is zero


Recently, the Guangzhou Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau randomly inspected imported children’s toothbrushes. As a result, 11 batch of toothbrushes were unqualified. Unqualified items, specifications, size classification, grinding, etc.

Although no harmful elements were detected in this test, problems such as grinding and hair strength in experts may still affect children’s teeth and gum health. The Guangzhou Inspection and Quarantine Department has ordered relevant sales companies to rectify or remove. (CCTV News)


Unqualified detection rate of glasses random inspection is 28%

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce today announced the results of the quality spot inspection inspection in the circulation field: a total of 516 samples were extracted, 369 batches of all projects were qualified, 147 batches of unqualified samples, and the unqualified detection rate was 28%.

Involved in unqualified brands include


Tyrannosaurus, Jeep (Jeep), PORTS, Bai Shi, Raypeng, Gucci, Guoshi Tianxiang, Rooney, Clayton, Dr. Taifu, Nobel, Aig Viewpoint

Wait. (People’s Daily)



77 batches of adult clothing products are unqualified

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced the results of the quality of adult clothing products in the field of circulation. The results of 77 batches of goods were unqualified. The main problems involved were the fiber content of clothing, dyeing fastness, and product use instructions.

The nominal trademark involved in unqualified


Celebrity Ruishang, Jiliyingjia® Geely Yingjia, Caser®, Sea-Kingshank, Camalon, Cubenraid Cabin Raiders, Yitian Meitian®, Daiqi Daiqi, Jinpai Men’s clothing, Leidiyage, Jack Jones Silk

Wait. (China Quality News Network)


Shandong 16 batches of drinking water found unqualified

On November 18, the Shandong Food and Drug Administration named the Food and Drug Administration exposed 13 unqualified drinking water production enterprises. Volkswagen reporters noticed that the sampling inspection unqualified drinks have exceeded nitrite, the colorectal flora exceeds the standard, and exceeded the standard of bromate, involving Shandong Huiyuan Drink Water Co., Ltd. 13 companies including Industrial Group Co., Ltd.. A total of 16 batches of products. (Volkswagen)



Fujian spicy bars random inspection unqualified rate reached 10.96%

The Food and Drug Administration of Fujian Province organized a special inspection of seasoning noodle products (commonly known as “spicy strips”) in the province in July to early November. Among them, the 16 batches of 16 batches of products sold by operating enterprises were unqualified and the unqualified rate reached 10.96%. (Sina Xiamen)

Source: Network, Consumer Report Editorial

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