How to choose Changsha decoration master for children’s room curtains to teach you children’s room curtain matching

At this stage of children, it is still in the stage of growth. Anything that they contact in the growth stage may become part of the growth of growth.

How to choose children’s room curtains

儿童房窗帘怎么选 长沙装修师傅教你儿童房窗帘搭配

Teach you to match the children’s room curtains and take a look.

儿童房窗帘怎么选 长沙装修师傅教你儿童房窗帘搭配

1. Material selection

In terms of material, curtains include cotton, hemp, gauze, satin, velvet, bamboo, artificial fiber, etc. Among them, cotton and hemp are commonly used materials for curtains, which are easy to wash and replace; yarn curtains are more decorated, which can enhance the indoor depth sense and good light transmission.

2. Pattern selection

The pattern of children’s curtains should start from children’s hearts, such as choosing stars and moon patterns, so that the baby can be quiet. In addition, you can also choose a variety of cartoon patterns, such as Mickey Mouse, Bear Pooh, etc., so that the baby feels kind.

儿童房窗帘怎么选 长沙装修师傅教你儿童房窗帘搭配

3. Thin -thick choice

儿童房窗帘怎么选 长沙装修师傅教你儿童房窗帘搭配

The thickness of the curtains is different, and the functions in their use are different. For example, thin curtains can turn strong sunlight into slender and soft soaking light, which not only blocks the sun, but also keeps the room bright and smooth; and the heavy flower cloth and flat curtains are better in preventing noise interference.

How to design children’s room curtain matching

It is best to choose a soft and childlike curtain. The choice of curtain color will also be different according to the changes in the season. The summer color should be light and the color of the winter should be deep in order to adjust the psychological heat and cold feeling.

The color of the curtains selected by the boy and the girl’s room is different. Girls like a beautiful and warm feeling. It is recommended to choose a pink series curtains; boys are more naughty. It is recommended to choose a more atmospheric color, such as blue curtains.

Children’s room curtain design effect display

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Children’s room curtain matching

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How to choose children’s room curtains

How to choose children’s room curtains

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