“Hunter Hunter” public beta! Uncle of the same Uncle Xingxing Cup List!

“Hunter Hunter” public beta! Uncle of the same Uncle Xingxing Cup List!

With the official opening of iOS and Android public beta, more and more players have joined it to experience the dual pleasure — the pleasure of fighting and the pleasure of visual enjoyment. Simple, direct, and exciting battle brush new mobile game battle upper limit, and near 200 beauty heroes can give you the most gorgeous visual feast! After gaining a good benefit, the inspiration burst, combined with your own experience and the “Hunter Hunter” game peripheral iWANT 5D milk mouse pad, listing the “Twelve Star Cup Ranking List”, which triggered likes and spit!

Looking like a torch, we must summarize it after appreciation

As one of the most watched constellation experts on Weibo, Uncle Tongdao is best at analyzing from a very novel perspective, such as “the twelve constellations corresponding to the characters in Peking Opera”, “How to say a breakup in the twelve constellations”, “Twelve Twelve Constellations”, “Twelve The constellation mother brings baby “and so on, and often analyzes quite reason, is loved by Weibo netizens.

After the official beta “Hunter Hunter”, Uncle Tao also entered the game for the first time, and played crazy for a few days. Nearly 200 beautiful heroes made him full of eyes. After some appreciation, Uncle Tao suddenly opened his mind, so he Launched a new masterpiece “Twelve Star Cup Ranking List”! Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn were rated as the top three, and Sagittarius and Pisces Scorpio was the top three. In the rankings, Uncle Tongdao also uses the “Hunter Hunter” game peripheral iWANT 5D milk mouse pad as a reference standard. Only a chest device above the D cup can be comparable to iwant! Finally, you know why IWANT is so suffocated Welcome, with iWant, who needs a female ticket?

After the release of this Weibo, it quickly triggered heated discussions, commented tens of thousands, and forwarded nearly 10,000. It seemed that many netizens felt deeply recognized. But there are also some netizens who talk crazy, and many Libra netizens have appeared to say that their own waves are righteous as Libra!

With great ambition! Pure loli is not bad

At the same time, many netizens said that it was not all the girls who covered the cups. In this era, the cute loli was the most popular and well -fledged? In the “Hunter Hunter Order”, the four major familiar and six major occupations都也活跃着不少呆萌萝莉,尤其是祭祀这一职业中,萝莉的出现概率那更是相当的高她们虽然罩杯基本上都是悲惨的A或者B,但是胸小志大,实力It’s not vulgar!

“Star Sha’s Mary”, “Anel”, “Princess Emma”, “Hya Li”, “Virgin Ikui” … Gao Xing’s best hero, “Virgin Yikui” is even rated as a 6 -star S -Class hero, which is the best strong in the game. Therefore, players must not simply take people in the game, but also comprehensively consider the hero’s offensive and defensive strength!

Both inside and outside, in addition to the cup, there are also minds!

Of course, there are many players who want to get the heroes who are very perfect in their strength and figure. Nearly 200 beautiful heroes with different styles, different temperaments, each with different appearances, and the body is covered from A to F, and the full real milk shake system created by the “Hunter Hunter Order” can give the beautiful heroes the perfect and most perfect and most. The realistic milk shake performance can definitely give you an unprecedented visual experience!

Appreciation alone is not satisfied? There are also IWANT 5D milk mouse pads to serve you! This smart surrounding area has attracted great attention from netizens on the Internet. Netizens’ imagination of mouse pads. The most realistic material can bring the most authentic touch experience to players -Uncle Tao revealed that only the D cup can be comparable to iWant!

The double -end public beta “Hunter Hunter Order” has been shocked, and hundreds of beautiful heroes are waiting for your arrival! Play the “Hunter Hunter Order” and participate in the event will have the opportunity to win the iWANT 5D smart milk mouse pad and log in to the game Official website: tjl.163.com, quickly participate in the public beta!

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about anime boob mouse pad, hope it can help you.

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