The design of the children’s room is designed like this, the children of the neighbor’s house do not want to leave, so praise

Many friends now pay more attention to the decoration and design of the children’s room. Many parents want to create a different environment and a dreamy environment for their children when decorating their children. In this way More comfortable, but you must pay attention to planning before the decoration, then

How is the children’s room design

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1. How is the children’s room design?

Children’s rooms are mainly blue and white tones. The white solid wood partitions are integrated with irregular shapes with desks, wardrobes, and storage beds. The paintings embellished on the wall are the same as the scattered play objects to interpret the lively childishness. A red transfer brings a bit of fashion.

The pink and tender colors create the sweet atmosphere of the children’s room. The walls and bedding are covered with exquisite floral flowers, and the cartoon bags bring vitality. The white learning table is equipped with a cute circular chair. Under the paving of the gray long velvet carpet, the space is dreamy and warm at the same time.

The children’s room is created a dream and imagination. The ceiling is decorated with starry sky, and the complicated cartoon patterns on the wall and carpet are colorful. The color of the bed and out of bed is bright and lively. With integrated learning areas, the space looks vivid and interesting.

The pure sky blue wallpaper is covered with the entire space wall, and the white wave dot is just like snowflakes, creating a fresh and dreamy fairy tale world. The louver wardrobe is symmetrical on both sides of the bedside, the center is embedded in a grid frame, and the bay window also becomes a simple learning area.

The fresh striped wallpaper puts simple and refreshing in space. Pink wardrobe and blue bedding form a trendy home color. There is no lack of quietness in sweetness, making the children’s room full of sweetness and dreams.

The blue and white strap is refreshing in the Mediterranean style, and the sky blue wall depicts cartoon comics, full of lively childish fun. The solid wood is suitable for multi -baby families. The writing table of embedded wardrobe, storage grid and window sill is connected to release the activity space.


The combination of light gray and pink purple is like elegant ballet, and the romantic pink purple feels full of eyes. Crystal powder double -bed is delicate white carving and golden lines on the wardrobe cabinet, rendering exquisite space and low luxury. Cartoon hanging paintings and scattered toys are childlike.

The super fresh daughter’s room expresses simple and simple minimalism. The children’s room is full of lively and cheerful tone. The background wall is mainly characters and paintings, which increases the baby’s artistic temperament. Colorful furniture creates romantic and comfortable and brings a refreshing sense of pleasure. The bay window is reasonably used into a storage area.

The children’s room is covered with white grille wardrobe and wooden furniture. The playful black and white beds add childlike fun, but still have no lack of idyllic characteristics. In the children’s room, a simple atmosphere is created through warm yellow floor tiles and white furniture; the double -layer bed has a full geometry, and the overall design of the seamless arc has enriched the room level; the black and white square bedding brings dark and lively.

After the material selection is selected, the luxurious and beautiful and beautiful, mainly wood with beautiful shapes and delicate texture, and re -conform to a white and perfect home concept, so that living in a clean land is very relaxed.

2. What should I pay attention to when designing the children’s room?

1. Do not place the desk at will

The desk of the children’s room cannot be rushed to the door. Do not face the door behind the desk, otherwise a collision on Feng Shui is also because the door is facing the desk. Moreover, do not place items on the desk. If the child is climbing desks, these items are easy to be gravitational, and they fall down and hurt their children.

2. The door and the toilet cannot be relative

Whether it is a children’s room or other bedrooms, doors cannot be paired with toilet doors. The toilet is a place where dirty is produced. The toilet and door facing the door will allow the smell to circulate all over the room, which will affect the health of the child’s health.

3. The furniture should not be too large, and the home appliance should be as little as possible


The size of the furniture of the children’s room should not be too large, so as not to cause the child to cause a sense of depression. In addition, for children’s physical and mental health, try not to place TV, computer and other electrical appliances in the room to reduce radiation.


What are the principles of children’s room design?

1. Safety -led


Choose safe and environmentally friendly coatings and furniture during decoration. At the same time, the furniture design should not appear edges and corners, and round arcs can be used. The power cord should be closed, and a soft carpet can be laid.

2. Full light


Children’s rooms should have sufficient lighting to warm and bright in the room, so as to make children feel more secure. It is best to choose the lighting lamps in the room. Especially for children at the adolescent stage, the choice of lighting is crucial. Long -term frequent reading books or paintings will cause inadvertent damage to children’s vision. Most importantly, unqualified or irregular lamp products products It will cause greater damage to the child’s eyes. Therefore, when choosing a lamp, do not choose the light of the light, and the color should not be bright and not flashing. Another thing to pay attention to is that good lamps also need to be placed correctly. If it is too close, the dazzling light source will cause too much eye pressure. If it is too far away, the light is insufficient, and the light of the light also increases the work intensity of the eyes.

3. Comfortable bedding

Pay attention to the quality of children’s bedrooms in the decoration of children’s rooms. It is best to choose cotton material, soft and comfortable, suitable for protecting children’s delicate facial and body skin.

The above is about

Related introduction, decoration design children’s room is actually a more complicated thing. Before decorating the house, you can design it according to the area of ​​the space. At the same time, you should pay attention to the overall design effect. To create a comfortable environment for children, we must pay attention to choosing environmentally friendly decoration materials, and pay attention to safety.

How is the children’s room design

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