Handmade fabric jk bow tie double -layer bow production steps

One of JK many of the tie

The tools and materials that are prepared by the two -layer of the JK collars:

Cotton, scissors, needle wires, iron

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

JK tiered double -layer step illustration:

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

JK collar two -layer step 1:

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

The size of the fabric preparation is shown in the figure

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

(The tutorial is shot in two times, so there are different fabrics)

JK collars double -layer step 2:

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

① The number of fabrics is sewn and folded back and forth

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

② The number Buping needle is sewed back and forth (remember to keep the mouth in the middle) and use it casually to use it.

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤


JK collar two -layer Step 3:

② Draw the triangle on both sides of the Figure Figure. The triangle is stagnant back and forth (my side is a grid cloth, so I have a symmetrical angle) (other cloths should look at the symmetry)

jk collars double -layer Step 4:

After sewing

JK collars double -layer step 5:

Turn from the left mouth in the middle

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

You can borrow the sister -in -law but be careful not to pierce yourself and don’t poke the rotten cloth

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

JK collar two -layer step 6:

Four pieces of fabrics are ready to be hot

jk collars double -layer step 7:

① The cloth is fixed in two or three stitches in the middle after 30 % off

JK collars double -layer step 8:

① After the cloth is folded and placed on the ② on the number of cloth (note symmetry), it is slightly fixed.

jk collars double -layer step 9:

Add ③④ Figure Figure combination (• ̀∀ • ́)

JK collar two -layer Step 10:

手工布艺jk领结 双层蝴蝶结制作步骤

Fix one or two stitches at the end of the bow of one side of the bow

(Note here that you must tighten it to look good)

jk collars double -layer step 11:

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