66 -year -old Zhao Yazhi wore a pink dress and held roses! This is the fairy herself, the temperament is really good

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Speaking of the exemplary actresses in the entertainment industry, Zhao Yazhi must be regarded as one. When she was young, she was a goddess in the minds of how many people. It’s the winner of life.


Recently, 66 -year -old Zhao Yazhi also moved frequently, often appearing in the public’s field of vision, and each state is very good. No, the recent light -colored dress dress is good.


I saw Zhao Yazhi wearing a shallowly charming pink dress and the retro design of the upper body. It looks very dignified and elegant. The deep V -neck also adds an online inside, just echoing the light -colored gauze skirt. The whole person looks very light light. Beautiful, there are very gorgeous handmade bead flowers on the clothes, which is full of nobleness. Only the white lady can control it.


Matching with clothes, and these jewelry accessories, which brings a more noble and elegant feeling to the whole set. Diamond earrings are gorgeous and exaggerated. They form a very low -key and elegant dress. Seeing her whole person is like a fairy in the painting, the beauty is not like people in the world.

Zhao Yazhi ’s recent light -colored dresses are not only so beautiful. Next, this white semi -transparent visual back dress is more interesting. Because of the outline of the body, the dress has a more slim curve, so she looks like her. The whole person is more graceful and very feminine.

The dress is a style closer to the tail bun skirt. The semi -see mesh and the white tassel skirt are spliced. The whole has the clearness that should be clear in summer, and it has a very rare gorgeous and richness. It looks particularly expensive but not tacky.

In the stitching part of the see -through mesh, there are small diamond jewelry, and the skirt is also densely and regularly arranged with a white diamond jewelry with a moderate length. It also looks very gentle and beautiful.

The dignified and elegant clothes still need to choose the right hairstyle and accessories in order to have the effect of this Canada 1 greater than two. This is not Zhao Yazhi’s shape. Going up is neat and delicate, at first glance, it looks like a fairy who has high requirements for life and himself.


The earrings are also simplified, just like the same series as the skirt. The streamlined earline is simple and very suitable for her hairstyle. Holding a bouquet of flowers, he bowed his head sideways, like a fairy online shopping that just slipped out of the garden. It was beautiful and human.

Zhao Yazhi who goes out of the street every day is naturally unaccompanied by the control of light -colored clothes. Instead of saying that black clothes are a must -have dress for female stars to go out of the street, and cool and figure, then Zhao Yazhi must be an alternative. White still looks beautiful and thin.

In addition to the basic design, the white fringed shirt has increased a very sense of design. It is simple but not ordinary, but elegant but not mediocre.

The fit version of the upper body just shows the advantages of the figure, and the tassel cuffs are shaking and dynamic. It looks very energetic. With white wide -leg trousers, the sense of large amount of measuring is the gas field. And Zhao Yazhi’s temperament is the kind of beauty that cannot be ignored, but it is not very aggressive and makes people feel beautiful but dare not approach. Instead, it looks beautiful and gentle.


It is matched with this set of wearing a very daily white diamond earrings. It is shining, but the shape is not exaggerated. There is no sense of dangling in the overall. It is just an embellishment in the earlobe. The random and neat hairstyle is also very dignified and generous This kind of white lady is really from the young beauty to the old. Decades have passed, or even women who even look at women have to praise and look back.


Zhao Yazhi controls the light color. It is really the best among female stars. At the age of 66, wearing dresses is still not fat, fresh and not publicity, and women’s models.


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