Chiffon long cardigan, full of immortality!

In the hot summer, when I thought of walking under the sun, the first scene of thought was sweaty, embarrassing and embarrassing, how can I avoid this embarrassing scene? It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for a fairy chiffon cardigan! A simple T -shirt or suspender inside, wearing a short of shorts, only need to loosen a chiffon long cardigan on the outside, and it is very good instantly. Chiffon long cardigan can not only have the effect of sunscreen, but more importantly, how can it not be outstanding to add MM’s elegant temperament well? In this issue, Xiaobian brings you a variety of long chiffon cardigans, which will definitely have the one that makes you enthusiastic!

NO.1 Ceramative Cassacus

Many MMs like solid color design, because in the hot summer, this looks very refreshing and generous, and it is very good to match clothes. Whether it is pure color or printing, it can be easily dealt with. Sweet style.

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Middle -length sunscreen women’s ultra -thin outer sunscreen shirt large -size cardigan sunscreen clothing transparent chiffon shirt shawl summer


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Very simple long cardigan, high -quality chiffon material, refreshing instantly after putting on, the design of the seven -point sleeve protects the delicate skin of MM, not subject to the sun, the hem lines are smooth and generous, and the instantaneous thinning is thin. effect!

¥ 158.00

Beach sunscreen jacket female spring and summer chiffon cardigan thin 2016 new medium long large size shawl with small jacket


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In the hot summer, who can say such a refreshing cardigan, the real silk feel is very smooth and elegant, it can be said to be a versatile basic style, white, pink and black, each color is very charm, the sun protection effect is It is also great, let MM reassuring the shape.


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Sunscreen girl summer mid -long ultra -thin chiffon shirt air -conditioned shirt wild pure color anti -ultraviolet jacket

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The exquisite collar design highlights the temperament of MM’s big woman. The overall card of the cardigan is a version of the shirt, which is very handsome, with a sweet color and a very summer feeling. , Green and Pink are very worth trying.

¥ 329.00

2016 spring and summer new women’s mid -length chiffon shirt sandy beach sunscreen coat with thin cardigan women’s outer jacket

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The windbreaker version can be described as handsome and aggressive. It is simply that people will love at first sight. Great lapels, full of fashion and design, the colors are beautiful orange -red, and the style of mm is open. If you want to interpret the handsome and low -key, may Try the elegant black, which is also colorful.


Sunscreen women’s long -sleeved summer loose large size wiping shirt thin coat medium long lace air -breathable female chiffon shirt

The lace with chiffon is refreshing with sweetness in the refreshing. The lace adds the delicateness and sweetness of the clothes. The design of the cuffs is very delicate, the sweetness is upgraded, and the version is very casual. Essence

¥ 79.00

[EC] 2016 spring new princess lantern long -sleeved perspective medium -long cardigan chiffon shirt sunscreen shirt female

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The ultra -thin one, with a looming beauty, more importantly, very refreshing and breathable, single -layer perspective light chiffon shirt, with princess lantern sleeve type, stitching buttons design, fashion reduction, after putting on, no will Feel willing to change it.

NO.2 Print chiffon long cardigan

Some people say that summer is the season of publicity. To be honest, I do not oppose it at all! This summer, MMs have more choices. You can wear shorts to create handsome, or you can wear a dress to perform sweetness. If you choose a chiffon and you want to avoid the embarrassment of hitting the shirt, try the printed chiffon cardigan, match it with The printed element, the feeling of summer is even stronger!

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2016 summer new female chiffon shirt seven -point sleeve ultra -thin coat large size women’s long cardigan printed sunscreen jacket


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A printed cardigan that can also be tried by commuting MM. The printing pattern is elegant with Chinese style. It is very charm. The color also chooses a very atmospheric color matching. After putting it on, it will improve the overall fashion effect instantly. The suspender skirt has a sense of layering in an instant.

¥ 99.50

2016 Summer long chiffon shirt sandy beach sunscreen clothes women’s cardigan large long -sleeved ultra -thin shawl loose jacket

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Han Fan’er is full of cardigan, the material of chiffon is soft and comfortable. The most important thing is that the version is very smooth. The long version looks very slender. The background color uses a classic black and white color matching, which instantly improves the overall effect.

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2016 summer new mid -length sunscreen shirt printed chiffon cardigan loose sunscreen jacket thin chiffon shirt outer jacket woman


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Don’t be afraid of exaggeration, because sometimes, exaggeration will represent fashion. This design seems to be simple. The effect of finding the effect behind the upper body is really super praised. The shirt lapel design is well highlighted. The sweetness has been upgraded to N levels.

¥ 98.00

Sunscreen women’s chiffon shirt 2016 ultra -thin mid -length printed loose shirt 7 -point sleeve cardigan outer jacket female

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Who said that chiffon cardigan can only be handsome, this one will interpret the sweetness to the extreme, very positive version, which is very good at the effect of self -cultivation. The cost -effectiveness is super high. With a simple belt, it instantly wear another kind of another type. style.

¥ 135.00

Sunscreen clothing women’s chiffon shirt seven -point short -sleeved long cardigan short -sleeved shawl large size thin coat air -conditioned shirt

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Printing can also interpret the aspired small freshness, pure white color matching, with a small print pattern, which instantly attracts the sight. The version is very casual, but it will not give the rigid feeling. The simple suspender is very colorful.

¥ 99.00

[EC] 2016 Spring New Products Personalized Facebook Plum Blossom Plum Blossoms Single Cascane Chiffon Shirt Female D05

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Personalized Facebook interprets a very strong national style. The shape of the flower is printed with positioning. The quality can be seen. The high -quality chiffon material, the comfort that the tentacles can be felt, are full of sincerity. They are handsome and aggressive.

¥ 128.00


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