Small space is a ceiling, it looks very atmospheric

The porch corridor and the bedroom have a space for a lot of households. This space is not very good, the space is not very big, but it can’t be horses in design. Today, sharing the ceiling design case on the corridor’s aisle, I hope everyone can find the kind of you like.

More common design is to make a flat top, make the ceiling into a flat look, then the tube line of the lamp is hidden inside the ceiling and looks more simple and generous.

In addition to the light arrangement of the top ceiling, the pitted corridor can also be used as a light, decorative painting, etc., avoiding too much monotonous, but also to note, not too complicated.


The design of the hollow ceiling and ceiling lamp is also very suitable for use in the corridor, and the hollow ceiling can enhance the level of the corridor, the combination of ceiling lights and creative circular lights, which is more interesting.

The design of the hollow ceiling and the light is the light tape, and the entire space becomes more atmosphere, it is very suitable for European and American, contemporary corridors.


You can also choose more simple decorative lines, used to embellish hollow ceiling, such a design level is more distinct, compared to a fixed area of ​​corridor.


Make a long strip shape in the space of the ceiling, put the light in it, the shape and ceiling selection is different, form a difference, and very nice.

The ceiling of the corridor is also suitable for use to make a fake beam shape, especially some of the beams, the corridor, and the corridor is more narrow, and the beam can be hidden through the fake beam.


The full row of past false beams can also play an effect of extending space visual sensation, with a suitable wall, ground design, even if the corridor is relatively narrow, it seems very spacious.


After reading the ceiling design cases of these corridors, do you have ideas for your own design? The ceiling of the corridor is mainly to work hard on the shape and lights, and the shape is determined according to the style of the family. Different shapes have different feelings, and the lights can choose bright and meet everyday use.

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