Xiaofangbao was too early.

#What to wear today#




The hot summer is hotter every day. I do n’t know what the little fairy. I like to use the style of wearing style to cater to this beautiful summer day. And the common wearing in summer is

Shelly and comfortable

, Whether it is an elegant skirt or casual pants,

You still need the foil of the bag

The bucket bag that is popular this summer can be said to be deeply rooted. Xiaofangbao was too early, this year’s “bucket bag” strongly returned,

Retro and tide are back.

1. The characteristics of a bucket bag

The shape of the shape of the shape of the bucket design,

It is collectively referred to as a bucket bag

, Its color and style are also many, but the mainstream color is basically retaceing brown tone.

With a little rural pastoral breath.

It is also the favor of many fashion women,

How to match it, it looks very delicious


It can show a different fashion trend with skirt pants.

2. Precautions for bucket bags

Retro feelings full of bucket bags,

Fashionable and generous

Its matching method is also superior. Match with jeans,


It looks casual and simple


, And the elegant dress is matched with the skirt

And feel very ladylike.

In all kinds of occasions, you can easily deal with it easily and create your unique charm.


Push fashion to a new climax.

3. Building bag recommendation

1. Brown bucket bag


Low -key, subtle and restrained brown bucket bag,


It is a neutral hue

Putting more warm color tone more

Essence Whether in the four seasons, you can match clothes and wear it in this body.

Use print short -sleeved T -shirt and denim shorts with it,

Exudant a full sense of youthful vitality.


The coming of small white shoes also presented the vitality and lively and playfulness.

2. Yellow barrel bag

The warm yellow, has the smell of sunlight,

When you see it, your heart is warm

, Very comfortable. A big silver R letter embellishment above the bag,

Create the focus of your body.

And T -shirts and super shorts

Cool dress

It is also very suitable for the summer of the summer. Wearing a black baseball cap, it makes the overall wear no mediocrity. This dress is out of the street.

Easily interpret the summer sweetheart.

3. White bucket bag

The white bucket bag is actually more suitable for spring and summer than winter. The shoulder strap of the bag is brown design,

Bringing fashion points and don’t feel rigid yet

Essence White lace dress,

Pure and beautiful and reveal the gentle atmosphere of the little girl


A black cardigan jacket outside, comfortable and casual wear, a pair of white small white shoes,

There is a kind of unspeakable small freshness

, Go to your male god to win easily.


4. Black bucket bag


Although summer is a good time, what dare to show without a good figure? At this time, you can take out your deep dress, put on a super -covered black wide -leg pants,

Feel the magic that makes you thin into chopsticks.

The combination of a jacket suspender shirt and printed jacket,

Layer sense

, With a ripple modified chain bag, this kind of dress is also versatile and not greasy,


Fat girls can consider.


Fourth, bucket bag wearing recommendation

1. bucket bag+skirt

The combination of bucket bag and skirt,


It looks extremely feminine


This bucket bag, the contrasting color of the bottom of the bag,


Fashion and eye -catching.

With a basic version of print short -sleeved T -shirt,

It looks young and energetic

And the printing skirt is equipped with a slightly slim design to create slender beautiful legs. Put on a pair of casual shoes,

The full college style is overflowing.

As an exquisite woman, it is not sloppy on wearing. This dark tone dressing,

But it has a fashionable and foreign attribute


, Seeing it is very advanced.

Long -sleeved dress designed by a single row button,

Fashionable and simple

, The hips of the lower body of the skirt showed a good figure. A pair of contrasting fine high heels,

Decide out the temperament goddess style


, With a small bucket bag, the queen’s aura is naturally displayed.

This fresh and elegant dress, the white flower is embellished on the skirt body,

Bring a small fresh style


Essence The horn sleeve is perfectly decorated with the arm, and it also brings the tone of age.

Details to modify the waist


Slender and beautiful,

The collar that does not pick a face can set off a charming neck line. White sandals and blue bucket bags, together form a refreshing taste,

Really fascinating.


But daily leisure or workplace wear, generally very popular, classic and versatile black dress, elegant and generous to set off white skin tone,


The elegant skirt is elegant,


Create a strong femininity.

With a checkered suit outside,

It’s so I feel like British Fan’er

Essence A printed barrel bag,

Bring a three -dimensional sense and fashion charm

When you wear casual sports shoes, you can go shopping.

Of course, we need to wear more light fabric clothes in summer,

Don’t want to make yourself a passerby

, Fresh floral dresses like this, put it on earlier, the beautiful and beautiful ruffled elements,

Age -age playfulness can also cover meat

In one go, which one do you say you don’t love?

The bow is embellished on the waist,


, Also enrich the details of the skirt. Light pink high heels,

Romantic and sexy

, With the brown bucket bag, the whole body shape is elegant without losing the trend.

The blue -bottomed floral dress is not as touching as the gorgeous floral,

But it is the preference of mature royal sisters

Essence And this color system can also be in the workplace, don’t feel that you don’t need to wear a jacket in summer, in the early morning.


The cool breeze also needs a small denim jacket, don’t just not have the atmosphere. Personal black bucket bag with casual sandals,

There is no shortage of feelings in casualness.

Yellow floral people

Elegant temperament feeling

And the design of the tube top dress,

Sexy and charming atmosphere

It is also perfectly exposed, finely crushed pleated and lantern sleeves, creating a gentle look of a small woman. The bow at the cuffs is fine,

Fashionable and playful.

Cut the skirts at the calf,

It looks elegant and generous to wear

, You can also cover up the flesh of the legs, with white heels and white bucket bags,


It can meet your needs for fashion.


If it is

Leisure wear to wear


, Such a combination should also meet your needs, red printed super skirt, put it

Come as a top


It is also a matter of. And here wearing it,

It is just a simple inside.


However, it still satisfies the sense of fashion. The yellow suit jacket outside just covers the bottom of the inside.


Easily play to turn the lower body disappearance method

Essence White buckle casual shoes on the feet, paired with printed barrel bags, fashionable and casual, red hair balls on the bag,

Very dull and cute

Dark -colored suit jackets, there will always be a little dull and monotonous, loose version,

The cut is very three -dimensional


The sense of tide to wear is full.


Classic tight vest with a black half body skirt,

It looks a bit sexy to wear


Essence Details with high -heeled sandals,

A sense of enchanting a bit of temperament

, With a yellow barrel bag, wearing dignified and quiet overall.


2. bucket bag+casual pants

Sometimes you have to wear a little more dress, even if there is only a trace of difference,

You can stand out from the crowd

Essence This theme color is a white sweater, the green stitching in front of you,

Fashionable and fresh.

A pair of high waist buds,


The effect is very good

, With a green bucket bag, put on a pair of white casual shoes,

It’s just a perfect dress.

There is always one kind of tannin wind


Tough taste

, The designer came through the hair of the pants and mouth


Soften visual sense


, To show that point

Female color.

The top is also a denim short jacket,

Style is still more fashionable

, Loose and tailoring makes the clothes quite sophisticated, as well as short jeans

Extremely tone.

A pair of leopard thick heel sandals, with a retro barrel bag, the fashion atmosphere is self -evident.

No matter how good a woman is dressing, it also needs a “bucket bag” to accompany.


Add points to your styling

Essence The retro and elegant bucket bag, fashionable, simple and generous, creating a different sense of fashion. Randomly matching different clothes to wear,


It seems to have a sense of fashion,


Both again


Outstanding practicality.

Let you show your

Unique style

It is very brilliant everywhere,


Show your different tenderness.



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