S three -dimensional thin face sunscreen masks, hair hoop shell sunscreen hats, octopus brothers sunscreen masks … endless sunscreen supplies

Daily Chamber of Commerce News Summer is approaching. New sunscreen products such as ice cream sunscreen pants, hair hoop sunscreen hats, card sunscreen umbrellas, neck sunscreen masks have emerged endlessly, and many “out of circle” sunscreen supplies are sought after by many young people. A consumer Xiaoyuan teased: “Raising children is not necessarily anti -aging, but sunscreen must be anti -old. It is difficult to grab the style of the favorite. “The reporter opened the official flagship store of Tmall Banana to see that the hot selling color of the two sunscreen clothes of” Yun Qianbai “and” Yuanshan ash “showed shortage. In replenishment.

According to Tianyan check data, there are 61 states in Hangzhou in the industry, survival, move in, and out of sunscreen supplies related companies. More and more people have begun to pay attention to skin problems, and sun protection has become the “top priority” of summer.

Free breathing sunscreen masks, sunscreen caps for variable hair accessories …

Sunscreen “hot” through summer

Under the banana that came out of the sun umbrella earlier, the sunscreen hat and a face -lifting mask that could be rolled into a hairband recently set off a wave of boom in summer sunscreen. The reporter opened Xiaohongshu and saw that there were more than 10,000 notes about “Banana Sunscreen”, of which nearly 4,000 were “banana sunscreen hats” and “banana masks” as keywords. The reporter also saw the latest “breathable face -based sunshade mask” in another OHSUNNY online store, which is based on outdoor sunscreen. The mask came out with its unique shape. Many netizens nicknamed because their shapes exactly like Octopus Brother It is a “octopus mask”. In addition, there are children’s dedicated “golf sunscreen masks” that combine children with goggles and masks, “golf sunscreen masks” that can drink water without removing masks, etc. It reached more than 70,000.

Recently, the reporter saw at the banana offline store (Hubin Intime Store) that many new sunscreen supplies were displayed in the store. Yuan. The staff told reporters: “Compared with last year, the sales of sunscreen supplies have increased this year. Especially the hairband sunscreen, ice sunscreen and three -dimensional thin face masks, the top three in the store sales.” The “Card Yulu Umbrella” launched is only the size of a palm of the hand. The staff revealed: “Consolidate the Yang Umbrella, which is relatively light, so the most recently bought the product.”

New type of sunscreen supplies are emerging endlessly

Physical sunscreen or new pet

While some consumers praised the powder of sunscreen products, many consumers also evaluated the hats of the hats too ribs, and the mask had problems that did not match the position of the breath and the nose.

The reporter met a consumer who came to buy an umbrella in the banana store. She told reporters: “Recently, new sunscreen products such as hats and masks have purchased itself, but the latest card umbrellas launched by themselves It is not very practical, and you will still make selective purchases based on the actual situation. “Ms. Chen, another sunscreen hat in the store, told reporters:” The hat is really good to wear, but when the wind is strong outdoors outdoors, It is easy to be blown and deformed, and I still hope to improve it. “

Facing the new physical sunscreen supplies, many consumers say that physical sunscreen may become their first choice. The reporter saw on the social platform that many netizens said: “In the past, physical sunscreen products were not very beautiful, and they were unwilling to buy it. But now more and more products are both beautiful and practical. One of the reasons. “Ms. Chen also said:” I am a sensitive muscle. Some chemical sunscreen products dare not use it easily, and physical sunscreen will be more at ease. “

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