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Jin Qiu is not only the most charming time in the year, but also the season of fruit farmers looking forward to the harvest season. In the apple garden in the mountains of Qiaotou Town, each fruit tree is full of sweetness, and the sweetness is condensed in the heavy Fuji apples, exuding the seductive aroma. In October, they finally ushered in the “highlight moment”.

The autumn wind blew, the fruit was intoxicating. Looking at it, on both sides of the road, the mountains and mountains are all apple trees that can’t be seen. The rows of apple branches are leafy and thrive; they are mature and full of red and translucent apples hanging on the branches, like girls’ red faces, which are lovely.

The Red Fuji apples in Qiaotou Town are famous, and the quality of Beilu Village is particularly good. Bealu Village is located in the westernmost side of Qiaotou Town. About 500 villagers in the village are basically the main business of growing apples. The planting area is about 2,000 acres. The annual output of apples is about 10 million pounds.

威海市环翠区:硕果盈枝 富士苹果喜获丰收

Entering Bealu Village, Fuji apples piled up as tall as hills have become the “C king” in late autumn fruits. The vehicles filled with apples came in and out, and the fruit farmers were very busy. Everyone said with laughter sorting and packaging. The process was methodical. The busy scene was filled with the joy of bumper harvest everywhere. “Due to the weather, Apple has just begun this year, but it is also good for the production. Now everyone is busy with fruit, and it is expected to be picked up in ten days.” The villager Ding Shuang told reporters.

There are many mountains in Beilu Village, large temperature difference between day and night, and the “heart” of the growth of fruit trees. The growth period is long. Pick up one, hold it in your hand, take a bite, sweet and juicy, which can be described as delicious and nutrition.

威海市环翠区:硕果盈枝 富士苹果喜获丰收

The beautiful, sweet and crispy bridge head Fuji is recognized by consumers. Fruit farmers rely on Apple to increase their income and become rich, and the Apple industry has also become the pillar industry of the rural rejuvenation of Qiaotou Town. Liu Huaxing, a villager in Beilu Village, said with a smile: “This year, he planted eight acres of apples, and a piece of 20,000 bags can be packed in one acre. The growth is also very good. Just wait to sell money. “

For many years, Apple Planting and Honesty Word of Honesty made Bealu Village accumulate a lot of customers. Fruit farmers do not need to find merchants themselves, and do not worry about selling the road. “Our fruit farmers are now focusing on the cold wind storage, staggered the current season of sales, and sold after the price of fruit price rises. Our apple quality is good, and the fruit is not worried about selling.” Director Liu Yanjun was confident in the sales of Apple in the village.

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