The children of the welfare home have new toys, so big

Dahe Daily · Yu video reporter Zheng Songbo intern Shao Zhankun


In order to enrich the entertainment life of children in the hospital and the development of children’s sports potential scientifically, a large -scale toy is set up in Kaifeng Social Welfare Institute so that the children of the hospital can better carry out outdoor activities.

On the afternoon of December 7, under the leadership of the teacher, the children came to the children’s amusement area in the comprehensive building for daily entertainment activities such as slippery ladders, swinging thousands, climbing caves, and taking Duguqiao, showing a happy atmosphere under the bathing of the sun.

Zhang Rui, the dean of the hospital, said: Health is a responsibility and exercise is a habit.Through daily activities, cultivate the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, enhance the intimacy of children and nature, improve children’s resistance, and promote children to enhance physical fitness and healthy growth.


Source: Dahe News Editor: Song Song

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