Vehicle non -slip tie “breaks”? Factory: Only emergency, be cautious to use

Jimu Journalist Ding Peng

Since December 24, a new round of cold waves have come, and the area of ​​many places has frozen. A netizen tested by a netizen in Yantai in Shandong, I did not expect that it was only half a circle of tie. The manufacturer said that the advantage of non -slip tie is convenient for installation, but it can only be used as emergency and cannot replace anti -slip chains and snow tires.

The online video shows that on a snowy road, the front and rear wheels on the side of a car are tied with 6 orange non -slip bands. Another video shows that there are only three tires on the tires of this car. Netizens who suspected the owner of the car owner in the video said that “running around half”.

Netizens from Anshan, Liaoning also showed that the vehicles started in place on the snow, and the non -slip bands on one side of the tires were instantly stretched.

In this regard, some netizens said: “This thing is not enough. I bought it all the time before I bought the community. When I got out of the car, there was another card in the brake plate.” Some netizens said: “Can’t be too tight.” “Electric vehicles are estimated to be used.”

Jimu Journalist inquiries found that a large number of video anchors on the Internet are recommended to buy this non -slip tie. The price is generally 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan per piece. The main gimmick is convenient, small noise, and no tires.


On December 26, Mr. Yang, the owner of a factory who specializes in the production of tie, told Jimu Journalists that the anti -slip tie is just an emergency spare product. It should not be used instead of anti -slip chain and non -slip tires, and it cannot be used for a long time. It has the advantage of not being disassembled during installation, and it is also convenient for girls to use. However, a tire is recommended at least 10 tires, and the vehicle cannot exceed 30 kilometers per hour, especially when it starts. Mr. Yang introduced that the durability and toughness of the tie are also related to its material. Generally, the non -slip tie is made of PE material. A tensile force is less than 300 cows, and the non -slip tie tension of PA material can reach 1,000 cows 1000 cows Essence

Mr. Yang said that if you drive on snow or iced for a long time, the best choice is to install a anti -slip chain or change the snow on the car.

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