Evaluation report: Talk about the new smart running shoes experience of noble birds

The noble bird logo is a spiritual totem. The smooth graphics imply the unstoppable force; the flexible arc conveys the elegant dynamic, strength and speed of the beauty, symbolizing the passion and “heart”, “meaning”, “thought” of rationality, which symbolizes rationality. Unity; conveying a fearless and enterprising mind, showing a realm beyond self, and creating the future with the power of unstoppable people.


Noble birds seize the Chinese government to promote the national fitness plan, transform from a large sports country to a sports power, and the historical opportunities of sports returning to the public life, deeply digging the essence of the living of sports, and the focus of “sports and leisure” as the focus of product development and shaped the brand. The connotation of “happy sports” avoids direct competition with professional sports brands.


The main consumer group of noble bird brand is positioned in fashion enthusiasts at the age of 16-28, and sports enthusiasts who are 14-35 years old. The product positioning is dominated by fashion, comfortable, and elegant sports equipment to guide leisure fashion shoes and clothing series. Promote the spirit of continuously defeating self, innovation and enterprising. The brand goals positioning the first brand of elegant and fashionable movements, playing the role of the leader of the elegant and fashionable movement in the industry.


As a pair of running shoe products that are positioned in the medium and long distance and tend to speed type, it can be seen from many details. Under each technology, there are classic running shoes endorsements. For example Running shoes open-G10. If you are planning to advance to a professional runner and need a pair of professional running shoes, try it!


And it is still a smart running shoe with a chip (pictured). After receiving it, I feel even more surprised. It has been worn for more than half a month. It is really comfortable! Then wear every day. Come and come, if you have enough time, listen to me about this pair of smart shoes. (Non -professional runners, thank you for correcting the correct point)


There is a significant feature of the middle bottom of the sneakers using cushioning technology: liquid metal spray paint. Quite beautiful! The dual density midsole, but the individual color scheme was treated with inkjet treatment, and the texture was full. The entire cushion used multiple color zones. Taking the hot -melt film as the upper skeleton, reducing the weight of the shoe and not pollution. The upper is still two versions, that is, the dense weaving version and the integrated woven -breathable mesh version. Both uppers have their own color matching. Friends who want to buy should pay attention. Obviously, in this winter, the integrated weaving and breathable mesh version is suitable for the warmth of the south with a warm climate. The dense woven version is suitable for the north of the cold wind and the north. It is still a good choice to wear in spring and autumn.


My pair is a dense fabric version. Although it is thin and thin, it is very dense. The small concave dots of the fabric upper are scattered and distributed, and some lines are outlined to make the overall design of the upper smoother and not as monotonous. The further improvement of the process makes the hot -melt compression membrane combined with dense fabrics is smooth and appropriate.

The toe is fully bread by the hot -melt film, which is softer, which can play a general protective role. The rear heels are slightly tough, and the floor -to -ceiling fixed heels prevent lame.

The huge logo is a reflective material, the tongue is also a reflective material, and even the shoelaces are reflective (but the lace is generally elastic)! Under the flash, it is particularly bright, and now the night running is becoming more and more popular. Such a pair of shiny shoes will improve the safety of running at night a lot.

I especially like the elements-a translucent bottom. The sole rubber is cut into multiple areas by the groove. The round shape is like the meat pads of the animal’s feet. The regions are not completely separated. It can ensure the flexibility of the sole and not lose stability. Before the heel, the heel is suspended, which not only enhances the sense of cushioning, but also reduces the weight of the shoe. It is used in one stone. The design is applied to many shoes.

It is still because of the advancement of the shoe making process, which subtracts the cable of the upper material stitching point, so the first half is a flat seamless lining, which can reduce the possibility of blisters from the foot of the foot. The inside of the ankle part is a normal color mesh and a foam to achieve the purpose of improving wrapping.


The insole is estimated to be an ordinary foam insole, which is covered with a thin layer of mesh, which plays a anti -slip effect. The punching of the insole is very accurate, and it can play a role in sweating.

The biggest difference from other running shoes is equipped with a smart chip, which is also a highlight of publicity.


I won’t go into details about the use of the smart running shoe chips of the birds. There is a smart running shoe instructions in the shoe box, which is very detailed. However, the sports software of noble birds, the main interface data is mainly aimed at daily wear: all -day mileage, number of all -day steps, all day consumption, walking mileage, walking time, walking consumption, running mileage, running time, running consumption.

The running interface is more targeted: time, pace, energy consumption, percentage of land, steps, and heart rate.


I am not a “professional runner”. In short, it is a “running scum”. It can be said that it is an ordinary running enthusiast that cannot be ordinary. Data demand is not high, but when the running shoes under your feet can provide your sports data, and it is very detailed, then you will involuntarily pay attention to your state of exercise, adjust your running position, avoid exercise damage, and even use equipment for equipment. Began to have further demand. It can be said that noble bird running shoes can promote runners to upgrade their running equipment to a certain extent, make it more professional, and meet higher quality training and events. I won’t go into details in the “smart” part of the running shoes. After all, the chip is only part of the shoes, not all.

In long distance walking, all shoes are more comfortable than running shoes. A while ago, I was wearing noble birds to run shoes. I walked twenty -kilometer in the magic capital and stood on the subway bus for a long time. I didn’t feel much fatigue. Generally, the shoes were wearing it for a long time. It seems that, but the noble bird did not give me this feeling, and still maintained a certain comfort. Because the materials used by the noble birds running shoes were upgraded, and the sandalwood sandalwood was upgraded, because the front palm shoes were wider, so everyone should pay attention to the choice of the shoe code when buying.

Recently, the weather is very cold, the snow is strong, there are not many running, and you can’t find “follow -up”, haha, so the whole body runs the god horse. In the snowy snowy days, this dense fabric showed good benefits, and the wind was good. The soles of the shoe use the hexagonal pattern design, which makes me jog in the light and dry snow without slipping. After wearing it for so long, I feel that it can be competent for running tasks on cement floor and rubber runway. It is a qualified highway jogging shoes. For those complex soil roads and on the stone road, I think it is still the case. First, the soles of the soles are not designed for complex roads, but some of the midsole magic shock materials are completely naked and there is no outsole protection. On the many roads, it is easy to scratch the bottom.


Under the design of the midsole three -dimensional wave pattern, it is easy to “save ash”, but wipe it gently with a wet cloth to easily clean the surface stains easily.

Because there are not many running volume, it is difficult to provide more professional running data evaluation requirements, so the text is mostly simple appearance evaluation and general running evaluation.

Summarize and evaluate:

First, the shoe type control is good! It does not look bloated and very fast. The workmanship has been improved and sincere.


Second, the feet feel is really comfortable, soft and soft, but it has just collapsed. I especially like it.

Third, the chip is added as a running shoes. One is to enhance the runner’s running fun and future equipment needs, and lead runners to participate in higher level running activities; the second is to further enrich the intelligent sports platform and enrich consumer purchase options; third Under the sale price of 399 yuan, it has increased the cost -effectiveness and competitiveness of the product.


Fourth, the rich color matching meets the preferences of different consumers. It is said that they can also match couples, cough, and running single dogs to be abused. It is too sad. (Of course, I only like this color on my feet),

Fifth, it can meet the daily running training requirements of most running enthusiasts. It is usually good to wear. Of course, for me like me, part -time is all -around shoes.

6. Other suggestions are that with good sweat -absorbing socks, put it in the ventilation place when taking off, and quickly eliminate the moisture in the shoe cavity.

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