Hepburn is really an elegant girl. The coat is not fashionable, and 5 sets of photos are warm and not bloated.


When it comes to Audrey Hepburn, I believe everyone will use the word “elegance” to describe her


; The reason why Hepburn leaves such an impression on the world, except for her own good figure and good temperament, it has no relationship with her fashion taste.


Hepburn’s wear has a typical “French” style, simple and noble; “high -necked sweaters, ballet shoes, small trousers” seem to be her dressing symbol; in fact,, in fact,, in fact,, in fact,, in fact,

Hepburn’s coat is just as fashionable and beautiful. Even half a century has passed, and now wearing it is classic fashion.

1. Hepburn’s coat wearing sharing

Black velvet buckle coat with black scrub boots

, Hepburn’s coat matching,


The warmth of classical is also exquisite.

Deer and velvet coats are very gentle and warm on the body,


The H version of the straight tube can also modify the body’s body curve, which looks very thin visually; the collar neckline and the rabbit hair design adds a sense of nobleness, and the plate buckle elements look classic and exquisite and design.


With black scrub boots, some knee skin is exposed, fashionable but not bloated

; Although it is a set of “black”, it is not dull at all; she

Then hold a LV old flower bag for accessories, and the classic atmosphere is feminine.

Gray -black small incense suit coat with black ballet shoes,


This set of Hepburn is matched,

Elegant, noble and feminine.


The gray -black small incense breeze jacket is high -level and not dull,

The material of wool mixed adds a thick sense and warmth, especially the waist version modifies the slender waist of Hepben, making her look particularly elegant and generous; in the lower body,

She is paired with a half -body hip skirt with the same color and the same material. The wearing of “set” shows the overall sense of harmony, which is particularly beautiful.

On shoes,


Hepburn with a pair of black lacquered ballet shoes, revealing her slender leg curve, thin and modern;

In particular, the addition of black handbags adds a sense of atmosphere and has a strong French style.

White small round neck woolen coat with black and white color -fighting boat shoes


, To wear this coat, Hepburn,

Smart and gentle temperament.

White wool coat is holy and warm on the body

, The small round neck design protects the neck curve, elegant and elegant; and the slim waist design is very feminine,

The skirt design of the lower body can cover Hepburn’s dry leg shape

It looks generous and decent, even if it is a slightly fat body, it can be controlled.

The addition of the black single -breasted element on the coat adds a sense of exquisiteness.

Hepburn with black and white color -colored boat shoes is also beautiful and smart;

She paired with a pair of black sunglasses and a small black handbag, which echoed the color, exquisite and dignified.

Gray -black thick coat with white half -neck sweater

The dignified and exquisite nobles have nobles.

The gray -black coat adds a sense of weight on the body, so that the dry body of Hepburn’s upper body looks curved

; The lapel design will not be crushed, and the addition of double -breasted elements makes the original simple items have a sense of design

; Hepburn with black stockings, which is consistent with the color of the flat boat shoes on the feet


This “suit” wear makes her have a simple temperament.

Then make all the hair high, expose the exquisite bone phase

The whole person looks particularly dignified and temperamental and beautiful.

The long coat in the camel with a white straight tube dress

The classic versatile is out of date.

With a pair of light -colored pointed single shoes on the feet, modify the foot shape, it also echo the color of the dress inside.

Forms a visual harmonious effect; a large number of handbags of brown camels also modify Hepburn’s femininity, making her overall visual “simple but not monotonous.”

2. Summary of Hepburn’s coat wearing skills

1. In the version, the “classic H version” and “X version.”

Because Hepburn itself is a straight body shape, which is relatively thin; the H version can just modify her figure curve and make her look particularly tall; but at the same time, the X version of coats can outline the figure curve, loose skirt design design It can cover Hepburn’s figure defect.

Therefore, the H version and X version of coats are very suitable for female friends with a straight body and a pear -shaped figure or a dry thin figure, which is a classic and outdated version.

2. In terms of materials, they are “rough materials”, “wool material” and “small incense wind weaving material”

These three types of materials are suitable for women with thin upper body, which can add thickening and delicateness.

3. In terms of formulas: practiced “

Basic coat+dress+ballet shoes

“Match formula.

4. In terms of accessories, Hepburn mainly likes

Use a lot of bags and sunglasses as accessories,

Add elegance.

5. Pay great attention to the materials and details of the coat.

6. Color,

Like dark color and neutral color;

For example: camel, brown, black, gray, etc.




Okay, friends! Regarding Hepburn’s coat wearing and her matching skills, Xiao Run will share here today! Although Hepburn’s wearing has passed half a century, these coats are classic and outdated in both styles and style. It is worthy of our reference and reference.

If you also like to wear a coat in autumn and winter, then you can look at today’s sharing! I hope my sharing can help everyone.

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, To wear this coat, Hepburn,

, To wear this coat, Hepburn,

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