The 19 -year -old house girl does not go out every day, and enters tens of thousands of monthly.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Japanese comics have entered the country through the form of a single book. Nowadays, AB station, Manzhan, animation movies, surrounding hands, ancient style music multi -line flowering, two -dimensional culture has entered the public vision more and more Essence

▲ The unprecedented Shanghai Man Exhibition

However, for many people, two -dimensional is still a strange field. You may have seen the girl dressed on the road, wearing colorful wigs and pupils, and the puff skirt is covered with lace. Maybe


Curious under their Chinese suit, what kind of inner world is hidden.

This time, we also pushed two two -dimensional COSER doors, trying to understand their lives and the world in their eyes. (*COS is a brief writing of Costume in English, synonymous with cosplay, refers to a kind of performance art behavior of using clothing, accessories, props, and makeup to play anime and characters in the game. ).)

The ambition records “Strange Room”,



See how much the professional player is before makeup.

Unwilling social loneliness patient

Shandong girl


It is a professional second -dimensional short video blogger. He lives in a small 12 -square -meter room in Tongzhou. Every day at home, you can shoot a short video at home.


“It seems to be half a month ago.”

The small space is full of clothes and debris, and there is a can of beer on the table. I don’t know how long it has been put. When she saw her, Xi Li was wearing a big T -shirt and a messy hair. She was a typical house girl with a face. She said that she was tired of takeaway, so she went to the kitchen to make a pot of cooking for herself.

Xili had a slight social fear, because I felt troublesome to get along with people, and I was afraid of paying each other sincerely, so I chose to go out and talk to the cat, “this is simpler.”


The other end of the city, 19 -year -old coser


Mo Luo

Live in the three -layer big house of Daxing.

Parents are busy with work. Mo Luo, who was raised from a young age, has been used to entertaining and self -entertainment. Every day at home, he plays wigs and uniforms. All social networking is online. Grandma will put them in the restaurant and go upstairs alone. do not disturb.


In the eyes of others, it is a bit too desolate, but the outside world’s puzzles about the two -dimensional group is not only there.

Two world concessions

These two “ordinary” Qingxiu girls are judged as two people after makeup.

At the beginning, Molo’s family strongly opposed her to play COS, and felt that she was not doing business. “Because I don’t know what it is, what kind of color hair, purple pupils, green pupils, and blue pupils.”

However, Molo still went to me and was willing to study. He won a lot of awards, and his parents’ attitude gradually changed. Later, I will show Molo’s video to relatives,


“Look at my girlfriend’s shape, change one day, but it’s great”




However, Molo is also very clear that there is still a gap between the two -dimensional and the general public. During a long exhibition, Molo wore two different colors of beautiful pupils. In order to avoid scaring passersby, she kept her head down, but found that a child stared at herself and asked her mother. Why was this sister’s eyes so strange?


The former Xili was even more rebellious, and she would make makeup directly and generously, regardless of the eyes of others. But as she gets older, she becomes more cautious,


“This is not good for any aspect”


They are unreasonable. If they are exaggerated when they go out, they may make everyone more exclude the two -dimensional group and discredit their own kind. This is the result they don’t want to see. Today, the sense of identity of this group has become something they want to guard in addition to their personality.

COS is a youthful rice, and it is also worthy of seriously.

Since a men’s clothing on the stage, she has gained the screams of many girls. Xi Li realized that “the original cosplay was so amazing.”


On the day of shooting, Xi Li was planning to try a new makeup, the heroine of the sixth part of “Jojo’s Wonderful Adventure”, empty bar Xu Lun.

In the words of Xili, the character’s “painting style is more European and American”, the outline and makeup are very exaggerated. In order to achieve the best results, Xili scratched his eyebrows. In her opinion, this is not a sacrifice.

In order to make the side face look more three -dimensional and the nose is taller, Xili showed us a “artifact” that is said to be a must -have for the COS circle –



This is a plastic prosthesis plugged in the nostrils. The nose is supported from the inside of the nose to create a tall effect of the nose.

She said that sometimes people around them would envy her, and she could earn more than most people without going out every day, but she knew that this was a “youth meal”, without five insurances and one gold, and her career could not be guaranteed.

But this instability does not reduce her enthusiasm. In order to shoot popular short videos, Xili often repeatedly shot the same shot. It took a maximum of four hours to complete a small video of 15 seconds.


Every time I have a successful COS and activate the favorite characters, and get the recognition of the same preferences, it is worth it.

Mo Luo, who has a good family, can live a jacket to reach out to live, but he is working hard every day, and has followed the dance troupe all over the country.

No girls like brand bags, Molo’s room is full of wigs and uniforms, and many of them are made by Molo.


In order to perfectly create a favorite role, she made a shape for the wig, bought rivet accessories for clothes by herself, and it took at least a week to set up a set. Originally, she was irregular.


“It will light up and do it.”

Spraying, pinching, spraying, and pinching again and again, the complex wig styles were finally completed. Molo sent the photos to the group for praise.

Their lives are not easy, but they are full and happy.


Some people may think that such a “house” life lacks natural beautiful scenery, but in their opinion, the most beautiful scenery is in their own small rooms.

In order to “unite”, how many people have been living in the expectations of others, and life has always been like fish drinking water, knowing the warmth, and others seem to be unbearable. As long as they can tell themselves, why not? Three views of the three views are all ambitious things.




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