Thick cherry pants that must be worn in winter, keep warm and thin

Wearing at home, soft and comfortable, more comfortable than pajamas.

Go out, elegant and sweet, look good at everything.

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Miss Water Miss Water Japanese Sakura Pants 2.0

¥ 129



After the snow was snowing, the sky was really cold, and the cold wind blew one after another.


For the sake of old age, the girl who loves beauty is time to keep the warmth of the lower body.


What looks good in the lower body and keeps warm!

General warm pants are tight and fat, and the defects are not covered at all. And the style is single, and it is hard to match.

It is still harmful to wear health for a long time:


The warm pants are generally very tight, and wearing it is very fleshy, which affects blood circulation very much.

It is easy to be sore and swollen when wearing it. If you wear it for a long time, you will feel uncomfortable …

Want in winter


Keep warm and light


May wish to look at women in the neon country. In terms of fashion, they always have some “little cleverness”-

Fabric with warm -keeping force+version of the body

Wearing one alone makes you warm and beautiful!


This one-


I know how good it is!

it is


Upper width and narrow

At first glance, it looks like a slightly loose Harlen pants, Japanese style, but it is fashionable to wear on the body.

The great thing is:

You can modify the leg lines just right.

The legs are gradually gathered from top to bottom, and naturally transition to cover the leg defects, what

Elephant legs, fat butt, XO legs


All can be covered.

High waist design

, Visual stretch the legs of the legs, make the legs more straightforward, and “small short legs” can still wear a gas field.


Wrap excessive fat and wear long legs.

Insufficient, modified the day after tomorrow, a pair of pants can be done!


This year, I also made a new upgrade on the fabric-two floors,

In addition to comfortable, it can also be effectively warm.

Inside is a layer


Skin -friendly velvet

, That is, many brands of infant velvet fabrics often used in warm underwear, soft and glutinous skin, and drill in smoothly. It is very comfortable ~

The outer layer uses wool colors, introduced

Xinjiang Changye Cotton



The texture of the cotton combines the tight Sai Luo textile process blending, so that the pants are presented


Flatterless wrinkles, neat and refreshing Japanese style.

It’s thin and versatile and keep warm,

Even if you only wear it in winter, you are not afraid of cold,

No need to put a few pieces wrapped into “rice dumplings”

It is simply autumn and winter concave shape.

Tighten the belt with high waist, the “Cherry” embroidery label and the precise wiring, there is no lack of thought in simplicity.

Suitable for daily commuting,

It is the wardrobe of the wardrobe of many friends around you.


7 colors


Optional, low -key dark or vibrant bright colors, each piece is versatile color, which makes people feel exciting.

Use it as a “wild pants” to match any shirt knitting,

Each set is easy and fashionable, and it is also a simple and easy -to -learn shape.

Beautiful, comfortable, freedom.

While warm winter, the leg shape is modified, and the legs are long.


The texture is very good, the cost performance is still high, a piece of casual pants+warm pants, do not lose.

For choosing pants, the selection benchmark is generally a version > Material> color.

The version is to consider first.

One of the major features of Japanese wearing is pants.


It is generally loose. Whether it is casual pants or jeans, it is difficult to see tight jeans like Korean style.


But one thing in common is

After putting it on, the legs look straight and long

The reason is to fit the figure of Asians.


Its slightly loose Harlen pants,

The upper width and narrow, can modify the leg shape very well

, Put out the straight effect of the legs.

To put it bluntly, it is the radish version: from the thigh to the calf slowly.

Compared with straight pants, this design is simply “good legs.” It can cover the meat and thinner, but also very high.

Note: Modify different legs

The loose buttock design covers big butt and flat hips.

It is very suitable for girls with pear -type figure.

And the flesh will not be squeezed into a puppet,

On the contrary, wearing it will have the effect of lifting the buttocks!

The skin -friendly fabric is delicate and smooth.

And the entire pants car carrier is fine, there is no extra line head,

It’s not easy to get the ball for a long time, it’s really not a loss to start

The waist is tightly designed

The upper body is not tight.

High waist+loose design, lengthen the legs of the legs.

With a short top, it looks light and comfortable, and the urban simple style gives people a sense of vision of the legs below the chest.



, But it is not too narrow, so that the legs and calves are good -looking, and the legs are long and thin.


And the foot is not designed, the three -dimensional is thin,

You can also cut it according to your favorite length.

we all know,

Japanese clothing style is often simple and comfortable


The heroine appeared in Japanese dramas, they are very simple, but they are layered, giving a warm and quiet feeling.


A large part of the reason is the fabric of the clothing.


Some fabrics are naturally gentle.

Skin -friendly virtue fabric, make the inner layer.


The moment you put on it, it looks like slipping into a soft quilt, so comfortable ~

Note: Imported tiri band


Don’t get rid of hair!

So don’t worry about itching of the skin, because it is really comfortable and soft.

The velvet inside is still very fine and dense,


The warm velvet is hot, just wear one of the big cold days

Essence Don’t want to get in a little cold wind!

This layer is used outside

Xinjiang long velvet cotton, soft and fluffy, strong skin -friendly,


It is comparable to Egyptian long velvet cotton.

The cherry pants made from this are flat and neat, with a sense of serving and falling.


And it’s not delicate at all


Easy to take care of, easy to clean. The folds appearing when sitting are still smooth as usual and naturally.

Unlike the imitation on the market, use inferior fabrics to deform, drum bags, and wrinkle after wearing them for a long time.

This pants can be recovered as usual after pulling hard.


The surface is flat and there is no fold, like just ironing well


“Sakura girl” describes the sweet and gentle description of girls.

It is reminiscent of Japanese style, which is an unpretentious sweetness.

The clean and gentle dress is the main feature of cherry blossom girls.

Even in the crowded crowd, it seemed like a beam of soft light. Walking on the face, like Mu Chunfeng.


This cherry pants, selected


It happens to be a natural and fresh tone of the Japanese style, simple and generous, gentle temperament, and in winter versatile your entire wardrobe.


The shallow Japanese color matching, soft and elegant, wants to make people close;


The quiet dark color, low -key texture, very versatile,

And suitable for various occasions.

Wearing at home, soft and comfortable, more comfortable than pajamas.


Go out, elegant and sweet, look good at everything.







Miss Water Miss Water Japanese Sakura Pants 2.0

7 colors

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