The toilet has been leaking, and the master pressed the floating ball, and he would not get water immediately! It turns out to be so simple

The toilet has been leaking, and the master pressed the floating ball, and he would not get water immediately! It turns out to be so simple

People feel terrible even if they are declining. Recently, my bathroom is either a faucet, or the bath is broken. No. This night, the toilet was finished, and the water tank was full. The water in the water tank was full. The noise couldn’t sleep, I had to turn off the valve first.

Today, I asked the master to repair, open the water tank, and simply press the floating ball. Within two minutes before and after, the toilet stops water injection. No! leak! It’s! It ’s really blind me to spend 2 Baidi repair fees. It turns out that the toilet leak repair is so simple and can do it myself!

What should I do if the toilet is flowing? Check the cause first

① Look at the water pipeline

The sewage pipe is a pipe connecting the toilet to the pipe. If there is a leakage, the water pipeline is responsible for the main responsibility.

How to deal with it:

See if the connection between the water pipe and the toilet is loose, is it rotten or damaged? If it is because it is not connected, then fix it with a wire; if the pipeline is broken, then change the new and new.

② Look at the drain valve

In the toilet, the responsibility of the drain valve is in charge of the water in the toilet water tank. If your toilet is still noticed, the old toilet is likely to be the rubber plug at the outlet. The new toilet is likely to be cracks or deformation, and it will not deduct the water outlet.

If the situation is severe, the water is flowing while pushing the toilet. If the situation is light, the water of the toilet tank is directly along the inner wall of the toilet.

In the case of this situation, there is no way to change the drainage valve. Go directly to the hardware store to spend more than ten yuan to buy a set of water outlet equipment, tell the store’s water tank height, immediately match, just go home and press it.

③ Look at floating

Floating, also known as milk ball, is not important, it can be solved! Its use in the toilet is that when the water is filled, the float floats up to block the entrance. If floatingzes are not in place by water, water injection will be kept.

How to check:

You can move the floating ball with your hands, and you feel that it is not bad. My family is not bad. In addition, you can also leak from the upper water outlet from the upper water outlet by looking at the water leakage. If the upper part is the pot that is broken! Just change it!

For the old -fashioned toilet water tank, this situation often occurs around the editor: the export rubber plunged is still leaked!

Main reasons: the iron chain and ropes connected to the sluice and rubber plugs are misplaced.

Generally, there is a bracket design in the water tank. When holding down the overflow, you will find that the leverage will be supported by the tanning chain to pull up the rubber plug. This requires the master to repair it.

How to deal with it:

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