Small massage gifts given to parents for the Spring Festival, Filo P1 smart waist massage pillow

Many parents have worked hard for a lifetime, and the waist will have light or severe pain. Not only the parents, but now many young people are also facing back pain, especially in the long -distance car drivers and IT workers. There are more back pain in group pain in these tasks.

How to treat back pain? Most of the cases can only restore the waist rest slowly, but work and life often do not allow us to do nothing to rest. Many people will relieve pain by massage. The cost is unbearable and not very convenient. Is there a way cheap and effectively relieve back pain? Filo P1 smart waist massage may help you.

There are three colors: lake blue, olive green, and ice blue. I chose olive green, because olive green is both fresh and vibrant, and young people can use it. If the environment is more dirty, it is recommended to choose a lake blue or ice blue, and the color is more resistant to dirt.


The pillow of the massage adopts the shape of the cat waist design, the design that conforms to the ergonomics, and the waist is very comfortable. You can put it on the sofa as a decoration when you don’t massage.

The surface of the pillow is matched with velvet and mesh. The skin feels very comfortable after contact. The internal sponge is selected from the fiber massage cotton. It is soft and lacks of support. After use, it will slowly rebound and return to the original shape.

The massage is very simple to control the panel. There are four functional buttons, which control the switch, positive/anti -rotation, strength, heating, do not get up to operate during massage, can be completed with one hand, and the elderly can easily control.

There are many waist massage pillows on the market. From dozens of dollars to thousands of dollars, why do I choose Filo P1 smart waist massage? Mainly because of the following reasons.


1. Free and portable

The important reason for choosing Filo P1 is portable. The overall pillow is relatively small, the weight is also very light, it can be easily taken to various places for use, and the storage is very convenient. Massage provides a wireless mode by pillow, and waist massage is no longer restricted by space. The actual use is fully charged. Massage for 20 minutes at a time, we can use about 5 times. We can enjoy the comfort of the massage in various places.


Second, comfortable massage


The ultimate goal of our buying a massage on the pillow is to relieve the pain. What Filo P1 surprised me was that the massage contact was very similar to the finger massage. When the massage was massaged, the 20 massage contacts of different sizes were different from the waist. The site is degraded by the severity alternation, and at the same time, it can also adjust the direction of the direction and continuously penetrate the circulation.


Massage can also be performed at 42 ° C constant temperature heat compresses. Hot compresses can promote the effect of blood circulation. After using it yourself, muscles can be completely relaxed, and the pain of pain can be effectively relieved. Long -term use should have a certain treatment effect on pain.


Third, one pillow multi -purpose


Feilo P1 gets rid of the traditional massage of a single waist massage method. The shape of the cat’s waist can prevent the massage from the same position for long -term massage. The waist can unlock the three modes of square, vertical, and opposite. Massage can not only massage the waist, but also massage the neck, legs, hands, and abdomen. Innovative pocket design, we can put our hands into it when we massage in the abdomen, not cold, and more intimate.

Fourth, massage methods are diverse


Massage can be adjusted by three gears. Low -grade can be maintained and nursing on the lumbar spine. The middle range can relax the surface muscles. High -end can relieve waist discomfort. Everyone can choose the gear according to their own tolerance.


Traditional massage pillows may only massage in one part in a single direction, which is very troublesome to adjust. Filo P1 can be placed positively and vertically. Different placement methods will massage different acupoints. It is being able to relieve lumbar spine pain and lower limb paralysis. Essence

The Spring Festival is approaching, what gift do you plan to give to parents and other relatives and friends? For people with back pain and cervical pain, I think the Filo P1 smart waist massage is a good choice.

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