Nikon releases a high -power zoom camera Coolpix B600 lightweight digital camera

Nikon’s honor release equipped with a lightweight digital camera Coolpix B600 with high -performance Nixur optical zoom lens.

The Coolpix B600 is equipped with a high -power Nixel optical zoom lens, which can cover the focal range of equivalent to from about 24 mm*(wide -angle) to about 1440 mm*(remote photography) (dynamic zoom zoom can further expand the zoom multiple), allowing users to users Can easily take clear distant photos.

The camera has about 16.02 million effective pixels and supports ISO 6400 sensitivity. Equipped with a back incident CMOS image sensor and Expeed high -performance image processor, high -quality photos and videos can be taken even under high -sensitivity. COOLPIX B600 is also equipped with a variety of practical functions that allow users to give full play to their creativity, including 19 scene modes and creative models that can provide 36 different effects.

In addition, this is also a simple and easy -to -use high -power zoom camera. Practical functions such as fast zoom reset button, side zoom control, and shooting mode dials that can switch common shooting modes allow users to easily control it.

* Equivalent to the focal length of 35mm [135] format.

尼康发布高倍率变焦照相机COOLPIX B600轻便型数码相机

main feature:

1. The compact body is equipped with a high -magnification optical zoom lens, which can cover the width range range from wide -angle to long camera

尼康发布高倍率变焦照相机COOLPIX B600轻便型数码相机

The COOLPIX B600 is equipped with a high -performance Nixel optical zoom lens, which can cover about 24 mm (wide -angle) to about 1440 mm*(remote photography). A clear image can be presented in the focal length of about 2880 mm*(35mm [135] format) in the entire digital zoom range. Essence In addition, the Coolpix B600 is also equipped with a macro mode, allowing users to take pictures with the closest distance between the maximum wide -angle position to the lens at a distance of about 1 cm (about 0.4 inches).

2. Record your wonderful life with good image quality

The combination of the back incident CMOS sensor and the high -performance image processor can give full play to the resolution advantage of high -performance Nixel lens. Even under high -sensitivity settings, good picture quality photos and videos can be taken. The Coolpix B600 is also equipped with a shock -absorbing (VR) function. When taking photos, it can be achieved equivalent to improving the shutter speed of about 3 gears. Shock absorption (VR) function. Short -absorbing function can effectively reduce blurring and improve the clarity. Even in the maximum distant location or in the dark or low -light environment, clear photos and videos can be taken.

* Based on Japan’s International Camera Image Equipment Industry Association (CIPA) standard, it is measured at about 350 mm (focal length of 35mm [135] format).

3. Easily express wonderful and different inner world

COOLPIX B600 is equipped with a variety of practical functions, including: 19 scene modes (users only need to select the required scenarios, the camera will automatically apply suitable settings) and creative mode (36 effects to choose The contrast and good combination of color restoration), users can easily express their creativity.

4. Pursuing a high -power zoom model for user experience

The Coolpix B600 is equipped with a fast zoom return button. When holding it, you can temporarily expand the visible area (perspective) to a certain extent to re -capture the shooting object. In addition, when recording video, the use of side zoom control can also make the zoom operation during the recording smoother.

5. Other functions

・ Model dial -users only need to turn the dial to the corresponding icon to easily use one of the 10 commonly used shooting modes

尼康发布高倍率变焦照相机COOLPIX B600轻便型数码相机

・ Pre -focusing function — After enrolling, the camera can be automatically focusing, suitable for focusing and shooting in dark or low light.

・ The target search autofocus (AF) -The user only needs

・ Support recording stereo sound 1080/60i and 1080/30p full HD video

・ Video short film display mode — allows users to easily create a video short video of about 30 seconds through multiple video clips

・ Support ML-L7 remote control

・ Use EN-EE12 lithium-ion battery pack. After loading the camera, you can charge it by USB connection

* Equivalent to the focal length of 35mm [135] format.

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