The memory after 80 is less! .mp3 is announced “death”, apple or big winner

It will not be unfamiliar with MP3, 80, and 90. Carrying a generation of music players, is a testimony of the music age. However, this player’s player is coming soon.

Recently, the “Fraunhofer Integrated Circuit Research Institute” (Fraunhofer Research Institute “(Fraunhofer Research Institute”) (Fraunhofer Research Institute “) announced that they have already terminated some MP3 related patents, officially letting it exit historical stage .


In the Fraunhofer Institute, the most common audio coding (AAC) format, which is often used, more efficient than MP3, better features, and MP3 elimination is also an inevitable result of the market development.


The MP3 format was born in the 1980s. At that time, the Fraunhofer Institute started the development of music compression format. It took 4 years to innovate the sound quality, and finally developed the extension of the extended compressed audio format of the extended. MP3 in 1993.

The NAPSTER founded by Sean Parker, one of the founders in front of Facebook, has created a P2P sharing mode, which is a divided line of the CD era and MP3 music. Today, MP3 is replaced by AAC, and there is a kind of vital waves that are in the waves.

At that time, the size is small, the cost is low, and the MP3 is undoubtedly more expensive in the huge CD and CD. Although it is reduced by the compressed loss, developers have determined that some of the data in the audio is not important for human hearing through research psychiatry. The MP3 is compressed by discarding this part of data to 1/10 of the original size. When the user listens, the file is much smaller, and the sound quality is not much different.


It is necessary to know that the MP3 at that time is not as large as the mobile phone storage capacity, hundreds of MP3 buy MP3, the capacity is only 128MB. More than ten years more than 16G mobile phones, the MP3 of MP3 has also experienced fear of storage space, and can place dozens of songs. At that time it appeared, it was a great black technology.

However, while constantly refreshing the number of users and word of mouth, MP3 faces the piracy music. In a sense, MP3 has opened up the territory of the music format, but in a long period of time, the beginning of the fear of the music market.

Until the emergence of Apple products, online copyright issues will gradually be alleviated. It is reported that in 2004, IPOD and iTunes brought $ 10 billion in revenue for Apple, and 2007 has a innovative smartphone iPhone, each mobile phone almost comes with music playback, slowly will only have music functions. MP3 is replaced.

Now in China, such as Netease Cloud Music, QQ Music and other music play APPs, all gradually appear copyright to protect digital records, listen to songs, and download more. This allows the MP3 to end from the computer to the computer.

What is the advantage of pushing the MP3 to the end point?

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding and MP3 belongs to loss-damaged audio data format. In 1997, the Fraunhofer IIS, Dolby Laboratory was developed. Compared with MP3, the sound quality of the AAC format is better, the file is smaller, “cost performance “higher.

Despite a lot of advantages, a breakthrough can not be an easy task in the MP3 market that has a wide range of users. Fortunately, Apple has seen it, becoming one of the earliest operators who offer AAC format downloads. The TV and radio broadcasts are now universally using the AAC format, and the active retirement of MP3 may also bring more development space to the AAC.


In any case, MP3 has brought the innovation and feat of music, which has always become the memory of this generation.

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