The popular fabrics in the spring of this year, the denim costume is handsome and fashionable, and it can wear it.

Rugged and youthful denim fabrics have always been a normally green tree in the clothes.

, Repeatedly, the week, the beginning, it is very important in the trend of circle.



It’s absolutely not to be underestimated for us.



It has been filled with jeans and denim jackets in the wardrobe, but still can’t suppress the impulse you want to buy while shopping.


So what kind of magic is the cowboy? Can capture everyone’s heart!

How do we choose and match when we choose a cowboy? Let’s take a look.

This spring, the popular fabric, the denim costume is handsome and fashionable, the fabric is wear-resistant and comfortable, and it can wear it in the street. This spring chooses it to wear trendy,

First, the development story of denim fabrics


First of all, we have to talk about the development story of a cowboy fabric, as a curious baby, you must have a mood of your own feelings? It is said that

Cowboy fabric is initially produced in the west of the United States,

Also a very historic product


According to legend, some people suddenly discovered gold mines at the time, and then most people became a gold rush, fantasy, and flooded from all directions to gold mines from all directions.

More people also explore business opportunities from everyone’s normal and daily life

A businessman chooses the rental tent to give all the golden gold excavators, but the effect is not particularly ideal. If the wit and observe him, it is found that for the golden gold,


The wear of pants is very common


And the consumption is fast

The canvas of the tent is used as the style of direct tooling pants, sold to many goldfolders.

I didn’t expect to be famous for all over the night.

The pants have a simple and unique objective effect, and it is very wear-resistant, toughness, which has become a jeans today.

And denim fabrics have also become a unique and very popular fabric style

Second, the wearing advantage of denim fabrics



Denim fabric

I can’t help but let people want to talk about it, but the main advantages of cowboy fabrics are no longer the main wear resistance, although this performance has evolved over time.

It’s not done, but now it has it.

More significant advantages

It is the first to have a nicotic fabric, which is a very vitality and youthful fabric.

Affected by adolescents

Cowboy fabric audience has been young, and it has also become more and more stylish, and it is also a kind of creative color.

Landmark template

. Also have high cost performance,

It is easy to advertise the advantages of individuality

At the same time

The plasticity of jeans

High-quality, has become a must-have style in most people’s wardrobe, which can become a simple accompanying lining of other clothing, but

Independence, interpretation is simple and generous, it is no longer small

Third, cowboy fabric – top

In daily life, we have seen most of them.


Cowboy usually appears in the form of pants

However, in recent years, denim style

Topping is also gradually popular

And also widely praised,

Many denim tops slowly attract more people’s attention

Denim shirt

Don’t you try?

Denim shirt

This style,

The elegant temperament of the shirt itself, in the modification of denim cloth, there is a brand new Feel


There are some casual stylish means inside, and there are some


Little playful and little cute

The achievements are very significant. Especially in the spring of the spring, it seems very vast.


It’s not too special to match it.

can choose

Black or khaki type tooling pants

You can also choose to make a look of cowboy, or even choose different colors of strap pants, or



Will look very well


2. Cowboy jacket


The second paragraph is popular


Denim jacket

that is

denim jacket


The universal degree of cowboy jacket is higher, and it has not weakened the design of its wild cowboy jacket, mainly divided into

Short-touch style




More wide profile style



The styles of denim tops will look more and exquisite.

A relatively hard cloth can better modify the contour of the upper body

, Achieve a more perfect effect, increase the visual ratio of the lower body pants



Oversize’s denim coat will look more casual

It usually wears it, it is simply a worry-hearted jacket.

With a set of colored trousers and tops



Even a holiday style dress can also

Hanging in the arm

, Becoming a simple modifier, and it is straight to the outermost time, or it will appear cool in the shoulder. It can be said that the denim coat is relatively


Compare neutral style


, Can play the handsome ingredients of women to the maximum

Fourth, denim fabric –

Next, it is the most in contact with everyone.


As a small fairy who loves fashion, there will be new mymeons, I don’t know how to get started, and there is a kind of Tong want to buy the impulse,


So must choose to choose the actual situation


(1) Jeans

Slim jeans

Because cowboy fabrics are classic, more jeans will have a bigger article in the style. Which denim styles are necessary for fashion? Cannot be ignored


Slim styles jeans,


No matter how you have one thing

Comparing routine style, leaving the sloppy tailor, although it looks general, but

With some pure style top, it feels directly,

In fact, light light blue in the spring breeze is matched with solid color sweater

Even with a simple

French elegant

. And other colors of slim style, jeans can also

Choose black

Deep gray is a good choice

Senior feelings

2. Wide legs jeans

And this year, especially fire is

Wide-leg version of jeans

, And

High waist long design


Let the little fairy instantly transformed the long legs. The tightening design of the waist can also make


The whole waist and legs become more coordinated

The wide-legged design will also be more modified, not exposed to the shortcomings of the legs, even

Dwarf can also wear

It can be worn with a short top jacket.


Long profile version of the windbreaker

To match, the trousers itself has a more intense casual style, everyday can be able to match

Flat shoe, canvas shoes, sports shoes, etc.

, Ie fashionable and simple, there is a little cool temperament

3. Trumpet jeans

The speaker style jeans, although it has been popular, now is not a style of everyone, but it

Classic and unique

Still is still unable to replace other trousers


Cowboy cloth


, More temperament, contraction in the calf site, can effectively modify the whole thigh and buttocks, so that the whole leg appears more elongated


Especially you can match

High heel

Even one degree

Legal legs than wide legs

Many fashionists have a soft spot for this type of jeans, and sometimes the trial can find a pants type that suits you.

V. Color of denim costumes

Classic blue fabric

Cowboy costumes

However, there are also those retro and classic style, have been done. In terms of color, the first thing is the color of classic blue, not light, not thick, thin,

The right blue is now the sales king of a lot of big brand jeans.

It also has one


Unable to copy temperament


It can be said to be very high in its daily wear utilization. If you still don’t accept more novel designs, you may wish to start with a

The most classic style

Never not OUT



2. Color & floral fabrics

Today’s innovation, sometimes in its color and patterns, although there is no universally accepted style, but its new intention and design is unique to everyone.

Colorful stylized jeans make people feel


, Cowboy fabric of color leader is like

A bent rainbow

Let jeans with more vital. At the same time, you can also combine collision with other clothes, and wipe out different sparks.

Even the style of pattern fabrics, this


Jeans is engaged in different patterns, arrangement, quite creative,


Some classic patches may also create classics, you can try it.

Sixth, denim fabric clothing classic match

Wear full body cowboy

Cowboy fabric is also a provinceatic suit,


Cowboy style coat,


The integrated denim fabric is very eye-catching, you don’t need to achieve a good effect in your heart, usually in the waist position.

A slender belt


, The condensed cowboy style is more sluggish, so good

Do you have a unique closure for cowboy?

Which kind of denim costumes are you here? Take action! Let your own cowmament




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