Talking about fishing rods bought for so many years


Since the age of 12, I have also used a lot of fishing rods.

I remember the first fishing rod in life was the inserting pole of the pure handmade bamboo. At that time, I spent 3 yuan and 5 cents. You know, at that time, 3 and 5 were a large number for one child. During the summer vacation, I accompanied me to spend a lot of good time.

Later, the rod of the first glass reinforcement I started was Guangwei’s purple -red pole. What name was forgotten? 28 yuan, or my friend sent my old pole, but I was very satisfied … remember to be 4 meters 5.

The first pole I bought in life is also Guangwei (the influence of the Guangwei rod sent by a friend). What model is really unclear.

Usually I did n’t use it a few times, and I was very careful when I used it, but when I was fishing in the reservoir, I accidentally got it off. My brother who eats with me in a pot, when playing on the boat, got off the reservoir, and gave me a few days that I couldn’t eat meals for several days …

Later, I could n’t remember what pole I played, but what I remember was that no matter which pole play was played at the time, there was only one, without the second.

The most extravagant thing is that after work, a monthly salary is 750, 800 yuan, which bought 10 meters of Dijia Jinghu, now there are still, you can use it by accident

The longest time to accompany me was the Qingjiang Yin of Failai. 5 meters 4, I rolled a handle with cowhide paper, and then turned into a standard 4 meter 8

It should be played for more than 10 years, and it was broken by my best brother and a big leather shoes until the year before. A very light rod, very soft, but really arched with waist, small hooks, and created a lot of miracles …

Later, I bought a rod of 5 meters and 4 meters of Guangwei. The quality and the waist did not say. Unfortunately, it was a bit heavy. Fishing carp is okay. In the past two years, I am fascinated by wild fishing.

I also bought the pole of the Pacific Ocean. Later, I changed my friends to the stream of Snow Forest 6 meters. It was not enough.

Guangwei’s Snow Forest is still a very good stream rod. The highest record of the 0.3 sub -thread fishing has 3 pounds of wild carp [Kaichun]

With the popularity of the Internet in recent years, the boom of online shopping has also been rolled in, and I bought a lot of poles one after another, like Zhushan, Longyun in Guangwei, and Master Wu Master Wu who bought it last month. There are also traditional fishing long streams, throwing Apache and so on. Hanting’s giant carp. Hua’s Aurora, etc. Essence Essence Essence But the most bought is Guangwei’s pole. Whether it is a catfish rod, carp rod or a sea rod, because there are more wild fishing, what is to be solid, and the rod of Hua Shi feels good, but it is scared. Essence Essence Essence

I used to buy a lot of old rods and I did n’t know where I got it, just like the countless floats I bought …

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