Small products for decompression: MIDI.

If there is a doll doll

Can be full of childishness


Can get decompression cure


It must be this cute “cute pig”

Just take a little chance


Everyone will like it

Good things from decompression and healing

The “Meng Meng Pig” doll with a high quality and high face value

Cute pig shape

Mengqu is vivid, “Yan” can be “sweet”

Hold up when you are tired

It’s really healing

The touch is super good quality

Fine electrical embroidery craft materials

Fabric skin and smooth skin


The touch is super smooth and comfortable


Filling full and not easy to deform all parts


The side wiring is tightly not cotton

Getting on is full of bulging feeling

It’s really loving

the most important is

It can meet the needs of different life scenarios

Office lunch break, home pot drama …

Pillow/pillow/sleeping pillow/party pillow

I want to use it when I use it

It’s really the most worthwhile doll doll no1 in the minds of the little fans

This midi.

Everyone can resist


Is TA tempting?

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