The man of the ancient Dian Kingdom died for “saving the cattle”, and later generations planted their golden body for them.

The man of the ancient Dian Kingdom died for “saving the cattle”, and later generations planted their golden body for them.

The shell storage, the unique bronze wares of the ancient Yunnan Kingdom, has a strong local characteristics and national style. It is mostly used to store the shell coins, which is equivalent to our money tank today. Because the main currency of the ancient Yunnan Kingdom is sea shells, the shellfish device is an utensil used to store sea shells in the ancient Dian Kingdom, which is also an important symbol of showing the power of power, sacrificing ancestors, and praising virtue.

Among the many storage vessels, a four -cow gold knight copper reservoir at the Yunnan Provincial Museum is particularly precious. The four -cow gilt knight storage device was unearthed in Shizhai Mountain, Jinning, Yunnan, 50 cm high, with a diameter of 25 cm.

Four Niu Gilt Knight Copper Copper Storage Oversekee has appeared in the fifth issue of the second season of “National Treasure”

Among the previous life legends described in “National Treasure”, a large number of cattle groups that are regarded as “ancient Dian Kingdoms” are infected. Ancient Yunnan Punishment can only help the gods of the gods. The Yunnan Warriors played by Li Guangjie brought back to the doctor A Ke from the Central Plains to heal the heal. The cattle of the Yunnan Kingdom were not allowed to approach the alien people, and after being discovered by the priests, they were ready to sacrifice him.

The Yunnan Warriors and the king discussed to delay for 2 days. However, Niu Qun’s condition was serious, and it was only 3 days after the agreed period. The Dian Guo Warriors were sacrificed because they did not fulfill their promises. In order to commemorate the sacrifice of the Warriors, the doctor of the Central Plains proposed that the Yunnan Kingdom was soothed on the shellfish for him to surround the world and let the cattle surround the world forever.

The finished shell storage instrument is decorated with a tiger -shaped ears on both sides of the waist. The tiger climb upwards, grows up, and sags tiger tails. It is like two real tigers attached to both sides of the body.

There are four healthy cows on the cover of the utensils, and they are scattered, and they are moving counterclockwise on the plane of the instrument cover. Each cattle double -angle curls, and Kong Wu is powerful. The Yunnan people raise all kinds of livestock, especially the status of cattle. The cultural relics that show the image of cattle in the current archaeological excavations are quite common. It can be seen that the Yunnan people love cattle.

There is a cylindrical tray in the center of the utensils. On the tray, there is an image of a Yunnan noble warrior riding a high -headed Malaysia. He wore a short -sleeved robe on the top, a narrow pants on the top, the upper belt on the waist, and a handle on the left. Short sword, barefoot ride on the horse. The war horses rode by the Cavaliers are not tall, but they are very thick.

Since it is “saving money”, safety is the most important. If you want to open the need to find 3 that can be found on the market, there are also dark grooves on the cover of the device to match the body. Only to open the lid.

In the whole shape, only the knights on the horse are gilt in the body, the golden light is brilliant, and it is in sharp contrast with the other parts, as if a “golden armor”, mighty cannot be violated. Gorgeous costumes and swords, indicating that the owner of the tomb has a very large right; and the cow symbolizing the wealth around the Cavaliers, indicating that the status of the tomb owner is not comparable to ordinary people during his lifetime. Essence

The Yunnan Kingdom rose during the Warring States Period. According to the Han Dynasty documents such as “Historical Records” and “Han Book”, at the end of the Warring States Period, Chu Zhuzhuang led his army to the Dianchi Lake area to open up the country. In the local area, change clothes and follow local customs, and was pushed as “King of Dian”. Historical records recorded that Zhuang Yan and his ministry were “transformed by the law, from its vulgarity” in central Yunnan.

From the perspective of the four cow gilt kinneys, the casting technology and decoration level of the four cows, whether it is cutting patterns, three -dimensional ornaments, or scene casting, it reflects the superb bronze manufacturing process of the ancient Yunnan Kingdom. The yin and yang line plane decorations combined with Fanzhu and needle carvings are naive but not fine. They are realistic and realistic, combined with a sense of rhythm. The three -dimensional ornament made of waxing method replaces simple functional components, giving the utensils a stronger aesthetic significance.

The scene of the “story” is not only a symbol of the wealth and power of the ancient Yunnan dynasty, but also the symbol of the ancient Dian dynasty, but also the short and glorious ancient Yunnan civilization to the peak of history.

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