Introduction to the selection characteristics of different types of different types of sofa mats in the living room in the living room

Introduction to the selection characteristics of different types of different types of sofa mats in the living room in the living room

1. The biggest advantage of traditional bamboo or grass cushions is cool. According to reports, after the process was improved, the designer carefully designed many exquisite patterns on the previous single surface, including cartoon animals and landscapes. The characteristics of this cushion are cheap and affordable, so it is one of the good choices for cooling cushions, but the service life of bamboo or straw cushions is generally not more than two years. 2. The linen cushion is made of pure natural materials. It has the advantages of waterproofing and has the advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, and fast heat dissipation. Its decorative and comfort are very strong and have good breathability. Use at room temperature, the real temperature temperature of the human body can be reduced by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. In the process of buying, the lines in the pattern must be paid attention to, and they should usually be hidden on the back of the cushion; second, see if the pattern is symmetrical and whether it is color difference. Some merchants will use cotton cushion to fill the linen cushion to deceive consumers. In fact, the authenticity of the linen cushion can be identified by touching with the eyes and eyes: Generally speaking, the linen cushion is heavier than the cotton cushion; the strength of linen is better than that of cotton lines. The feel is harder than the cotton line; when you touch the linen cushion on the scorching sun, you can feel that the temperature drops 3 to 5 degrees Celsius; the linen cushion is more shiny. In addition, it can be distinguished by fire. The flax yarn is tasteless after burning, and eventually turns into white gray.

3. Cochrome leather has the characteristics of warm, breathable, anti -bacterial. When buying, pay attention to distinguish, and pull the skin with your hands to experience the feel. If you accidentally dirty the cushion, just wipe it gently with a clean wet towel. Daily preservation should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. When the weather is clear, dry it in a cool and cool place. Do not expose it in the sun. 4. The summer sofa cushion prepared by plant fiber reeds is both affordable and practical. The reed texture sofa cushion has the function of sweat absorption and deodorization. In summer, it is covered with the sofa cushion prepared by this reed plant fiber. I believe it can be dispelled. Less hot feeling. Make your summer comfortable. 5. The sofa cushion of bamboo bamboo is relatively cool and comfortable. In the soft texture of the summer sofa, a sofa cushion is needed to bring a cool feeling. The simple shape, the sofa cushion made of the original green bamboo, is very suitable for the simple and fashionable summer. Will be cool to the end.

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