How to choose the kitchen stainless steel frame

How to choose the kitchen stainless steel frame

It is a good choice to choose a stainless steel rack in the kitchen, because the material is firm and durable. How to choose the kitchen stainless steel frame? PCHOUSE takes everyone to understand.

1. Material selection

When selecting the kitchen stainless steel shelf, the material is the most critical. Because the kitchen has been in contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long time, it is better to choose 304 stainless steel. convenient.

2. Consider the size of the capacity

According to the number of families and use, choose the appropriate size. If the family has a large population, you can choose a large capacity or widening; if the family has a small population, you can choose the right or small capacity, so that you will not take up too much space.

3. Choose to deepen the plate frame

When selecting, it is necessary to consider the part of the dish and bowl shelf. Generally, it is better to deepen. This is better to store the dishes and bowls. It will not slip and break it.

4. It is easy to disassemble

There are many types of kitchen meals, such as chopsticks, plates, large and small bowls, cups, etc. These different tableware use different accessories. If it is not easy to disassemble and install, it will not meet different needs in the future. Trouble.

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