Count Kasmase Miss Large Size women’s shoes spring and summer most in the trend, big foot girl closed eyes

“Desire City” said: “Life is not so good, so you need a pair of good shoes, let this journey get more and interesting”, especially for big feet, a pair of comfortable shoes, more Let the road of life Up, Up, Up! Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the most popular shoe brand in the big feet. Select and match it ~

No.1 Lefu Shoes: Synchronized Syndrome


In the spring of the weather, you can have a pair of classic comfortable Loyifiu shoes! Laofu shoes with nine pants and shirts, very wild look, no matter whether it is from work, it is not a problem. This season, Kasmase Miss “will be elegantly worn on the feet” series Loffu shoes launched Cuba sand color and dark night black two solid shoes, very suitable for “same color matching” rules, with a black pipe pants with dark black music Wishwood, the overall shape is not too good.

And this shoe has a very strong plasticity, as long as the color is incorrect, it is no problem with any styles. Metal sheets of upper, making the shoes integrally more practice, plus micro-arc chains add elegant retro feelings for overall.

NO.2 Magic Egg Side: Sweet Justice

Eggshot shoes have been giving people an elegant vintage impression, sweet and light appearance make it an indispensable hipster single product for the shoe. The combination of egg slip shoes and cowboy nine pants is perfect, the foot and ankle’s blanks are just right, and it is very visible. This season, Kasmase launched a round shoe + bow magic eggshot shoes, is the most common and classic style, especially suitable for spring floral long skirts, and a small fairy behind it.


The detachable bow strip has given this pair of shoes with more matching space, the successful OL wind rim is highlighted, and the Queen of the Spot Set of Seconds! One flying fabric allows you to walk a day, you can have a clean and refreshing feet.


NO.3 Cat and Shoes: Exquisite Urban Sweater

It can make the little fairy wear the goddess temperament, but not afraid of being tired, not afraid of grinding high heels, this clearing in high heels is a cat and shoes that fire all over the fashion circle. Cat and shoes are sharp with high 3-5 cm, stiletting and exquisite, just like kittens, there is such a cute name.


Can salt sweetened attributes, so that you will be elegant and sexy, or doing exquisite work, a pair of cats can perfect match, how can your shoe without it! This season, Kasmase, the “100-day beauty” series of cats and shoes launched technology silver and dark night black, and the upper with flexible pearl cow paint skin, flashing with noble gloss in the sun, and interprets the trend of urban treasures. Moreover, the curved strip of the shoe is filled with the center of the feet, wearing a comfortable, walking is not tired, “more comfortable and safe than hate the height; more elegant and delicate than sports shoes; , Attracting a lot of preferences.

NO.4 Marila Shoes: Trendy Sudden UP


Mary’s shoes, look at the name, is it familiar and strange? That’s right, this is a sleek style of the popular fashion circle for many years. Through different ways, it can be sweet and delicate, and it is probably the reason why most of the small sisters love Mary. “Terring” style has also become the most attractive symbol of Mariet Shoes. This season, the Kasmase Miss, also firmly caught this, retaining the buckle, the circular hollow details injected a trendy soul into the shoes, bringing a lot of surprises to people in the design of the style. .

With a skirt, whether it is short or too knee, this shoe can make the overall shape of the elegance. If you want to seek some unlike, try to put a pair of middle stockings in the shoes, or the same color, or boldly contrast, and choose a slightly loose clothes as much as possible or Skirt, such a matching sexy is not kitsch, under the embellishment of the fine buckle, the overall lines and proportions from the legs to the foot becomes more perfect. In daily leisure, if you are tired of jeans and canvas shoes or match with sneakers, try to make your fashionable second up Mary Tzu shoes!


GET has this most popular shoe, hurry up, do the most fashionable fairy!

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