Five treasures of treasure ergonomic chairs, domestic products, so that you are not tired for a long time

Five treasures of treasure ergonomic chairs, domestic products, so that you are not tired for a long time

A designated body engineering section of design majors

Can help maintain the correct sitting position,

Share the spine pressure,

Of course, expensive foreign brands have excellence,

But the quality of domestic brands is not bad,

I recommend it to everyone today

5 The light of domestic products in physical engineering chairs.

Taiwan, China

01 / Ericonor Baoyou Office Furniture

The leader of the Chinese human engineering chair market occupies most of the mainland market share. Jinhao is the most classic series. The upper and lower double -back design can disperse the pressure of all parts, and the support effect is better. Pay more attention to the support effect of the waist.

Jinhao B high -end version ergonomic chair

Flagship high -end ergonomic chair


02 / Ergoup spectrum

I have won many Chinese furniture product design awards. The comprehensive strength is good. The self -developed gliding system effectively guarantees that the semi -sitting position is more comfortable. The line control chassis of the seat can be controlled. The handrails and other changes are more convenient to use when using it. The butterfly series of the product is excellent on the back support, which has both practicality and experience.

Butterfly ergonomic chair

03 / Ergomax

It focuses on improving the back curve of the chair and decentralized spine stress points. Whether it is product design or price, it is very similar to Baoyou, but in addition to the upper and lower back design, the upper back can be divided into two left and right pieces, which is higher with the body. Essence

Evolution ergonomic computer chair


04 / UE Yongyi

One of the drafting units of the national office chair industry standard, the first share of China’s office chair is listed, and has obtained more than a thousand technology and appearance patents. Mellet is the masterpiece of Yongyi. Another sold Wang Mengke, the seat is widened as a whole, and the breathability is better.

Mellet ergonomic chair

Mengke ergonomic chair

05 / shihoo Xi Hao

Xi Hao’s main model is about 1,000 yuan, the main cost -effective, the market reputation is good, and the design of security is very important. Represents the product of VITO and M57. They have rich regulatory ability. At about 1,000 yuan, it is suitable for the first time to experience the human engineering chair.

M57 ergonomic chair

Vito ergonomic chair

Finally, Xiaogai summarizes the ergonomic chair brand recommended above in this picture:



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