Hey! Come a cup of national treasure -level coffee in “Black Technology”?

Hey! Come a cup of national treasure -level coffee in “Black Technology”?

There is only one magic in such a coffee shop.

It occupies four floors,

The drone, VR, intelligent robot …



National Treasure Blue Mountain Coffee!

Ice droplet coffee has to wait for 3 days to drink,

Only 50+ per capita,

But even the cup is Hermes!

Lan Mountain Hand Coffee is a trump card in the store, and almost a cup of people who come! The production process is very particular. It seems to be a simple process, water temperature, weight, order, and even the size of the cup mouth will affect the taste of coffee.

Jamaica Coffee Coffee Beans

Good coffee requires good coffee beans. The annual output does not exceed 2,400 tons, so it is also a limited supply here. It is luck to drink it!

Blue Mountain Coffee

The blue mountain has a fertile volcanic soil, with a humid climate, foggy and rainy all year round, fresh air, and the average temperature is about 27 degrees. Due to the superior natural conditions of the blue mountain, the coffee here is well -known.

Freshly grinding coffee base+water must be 1:10

Coffee is all ground -up, and the clerk will adjust the thickness of the grinding beans according to the characteristics of the coffee beans. Pour the grinding coffee powder into the combined filter cup, and then pat the filter cup to pat the coffee powder and the surface flat, so that it can be evenly water.

The ratio of coffee powder and water must be controlled at 1:10, and it can be clearly seen that the amount of coffee powder is large.

The brewing temperature must be controlled at about 86 degrees

The water temperature used to brew coffee should be about 86 ° C, and it is not appropriate to make the flavor taste different.

Unique gold extraction method

When it comes to the hand rush, the barista gives each cup of coffee soul, and each movement is rigorous like behavior art.

Different from the general quantitative extraction method outside, first infiltrate it for 3 minutes, and use the gold cutting method to take the most intense front section of 1/3, and then use pure water to brew the extracted coffee concentration liquid.

The barista will adjust the flow of water injection based on the velocity of extraction:

The front section of the coffee is slow and the taste is strong, and it will become faster and faster at the back.

The ratio of coffee beans and water

As well as

Baked time control


Coffee beans grinding thickness

All decided to make a cup of hand -coffee coffee. After many tests, it was finally possible to create a cup of boutique hand -coffee.

Set up super delicately on the table

The made coffee is all set up, equipped with small desserts and smelling cups, which is very ritual! The entrance is extremely delicate, as elegant and soft as perfume, and the tone of the sweet and sour flower fragrance came immediately.

What I have to mention is that the coffee cup used in the store is still from the famous luxury brand Hermes, and instantly feels full of wood!

Every bite is precious

Guatemala condensed cold drip coffee coffee

Sometimes I ca n’t drink it early, and it may still be impossible to drink when it is late. It can be seen how precious it is …

Ice -drop coffee

Many young ladies or sisters will order it so that they don’t need a filter.

Ice droplet coffee that can be produced in 3 days

A cup of delicious ice droplet coffee is also used to use gold cutting, which is made of dripping slowly. The principle of hand rushing is used to extract only one -third of the most essence in front of it. This is a long process.

This low temperature and long -time coffee can fully show the texture and flavor of coffee compared to traditional coffee, and the taste is clear and sweet.

Use time for deliciousness

The ice -drop coffee on the table will be installed in a glass with ice cubes. Another cup is equipped with an iron ball with ice drops coffee. The face value is a bar.

When you drink it, you can pour the coffee into the cup. The taste is clear and sweet, and a thick floral fragrance is mixed with a strong flavor.

Lezhi Technology Intelligent Experience Museum

Feel the latest trend technology

There are many places to drink coffee, but all kinds of intelligent technologies are integrated into it. Cafe is full of various fashion elements. I still have seen small cucumbers for the first time.

As a coffee shop as a customer of the service shopping malls under Baiyaohui

, Entering the store, the decoration of light, fashionable and artistic, and warm with filter, everything is so textured.

High -tech & smart life

The high -tech categories and special applications such as underwater drones are everywhere on the first floor, and people are eager to try!

Many trendy technology products that are usually invisible are all available here, letting you experience it!

Which one is fancy, you can bring the relevant equipment immediately, and the experience of the real game of the real game is exciting!

▲ vinyl record area

There is also a large vinyl singing area. Here, vinyl enthusiasts can interview those recording that are interested in freely. Surprisingly!


The second floor is mainly divided into four major areas: life records, green cycling, design tide and professional audio. It’s really overwhelming, as if walking into a tide shop.

▲ Green cycling

▲ Green professional audio

▲ Trend item

E -sports

The 3rd floor is an e -sports area, including the main e -sports area and the e -sports peripheral areas. It almost brings together a variety of rich and diverse e -sports headphones, keyboards, mouses, etc. It is definitely a sacred place for game enthusiasts.

It is also a pleasant thing to bring headphones here to enjoy the game here.

Smart control toy

The 4th floor is full of the latest smart toys. Bringing children on the weekend can definitely spend a beautiful parent -child time here.

Especially all kinds of robots, do you look full of technology! It can do various actions according to the program, including push -ups, bowing, dancing, and so on.

Of course, the robots here are more than this kind. Can the robots in front of them still talk to children? Is it interesting?

Super high value

In addition to coffee, I also hidden these

In addition to a lot of coffee in the store, there are other drinks with explosive watches ~ For example, this red velvet cocoa with a straight girl’s heart, the barista also has almost perfect demand for pulling flowers. It was done a few times.

Use beet root juice as the base, blends dense milk foam. It tastes dense and mellow without losing softness, with a little chocolate flavor in the softness.

When you are tired of sitting here, you can not only see the brewing process of the entire coffee, but also talk about all the details about coffee at the same time, plus a dessert, perfect!

Store Name: Lezhi Coffee Joy Spot Coffee


Floor, No. 339, Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District



Store Name: Lezhi Technology Intelligent Experience Museum

No. 339, Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District (1-4th Floor, Baidaohui Mall)


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