What is the difference between one hundred yuan and one thousand yuan? Many people are still in the drum

What is the difference between one hundred yuan and one thousand yuan? Many people are still in the drum

Autumn is here, do many female friends want to buy a coat for themselves?

However, there are various materials on the market. Some only need more than 100, and some need more than 1,000. So where is the difference between them?

Today, this article will answer them one by one.

01. Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is also called polyester fiber. Its advantage is

In the fixed type, it is not easy to deform, the price is cheap, and more than 100 coats on the market are mostly this material

And its disadvantage is that it is easy to get the ball, the warmth is poor, the air is not ventilated, and it is very heavy to wear.

02. Wool coat

This kind of coat is very common on the market,

If 100%are wool, its price is generally more than 1,000 yuan

Its advantage is

The warmth effect is good, and it feels very soft and comfortable.

And its disadvantage is that the weight is biased, it is not easy to take care of it, and it is easy to start with small hair balls, but it is still much lighter than polyester fabrics.

03, cashmere fabric

Its hair mainly comes from goat, which is a relatively high -end coat.

The price of 100%cashmere content is sold in the market for 2000 and 3,000.

Its advantage is that it is more warm and more comfortable and lighter than wool coats, and the disadvantage is also difficult to take care of it.

In general, the quality of the coat is,

Cashmere first, wool second, polyester third


In addition, there are other types of coats on the market, such as polyester plus wool, cashmere and wool. When you choose a coat,

Try to choose a coat with wool content above 50%

Of course, if you have conditions, you can choose a pure cashmere or pure wool coat. They have good warmth to wear, and the fabric texture is also very good. A piece of clothing can be put on for several years.

Do you understand after reading it?

Don’t buy it blindly in the future

Source: Science Popularization China

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