2021 popular tableware, simple white environmentally friendly white glass tableware into a group of pets

2021 popular tableware, simple white environmentally friendly white glass tableware into a group of pets

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, we need to buy some holiday goods for the home, among which tableware is naturally a must for the reunion festival, due to the impact of the epidemic at home, people have begun to pay more and more attention to household items related to three meals a day, such as kitchen appliances with more diverse functions, pots and utensils with various functions, and tableware for beautiful food.

According to the sales data of Lishang Household Products and Living Hall from 2020 to 2021, the sales of white glass tableware remain high, becoming the first product in the sales list of each store

High-end white, solid color without additives environmental performance, poreless brush bowl without dish soap health function

, widely loved by consumers.

1. High-end white:

If you pay attention to the star hotels and restaurants, the tableware used is generally white, the first reason is that the white tableware can be found a little dirty, so use white tableware

Appears clean

, there is quality, another important reason

Only on white cutlery, can you enjoy it

Highlight the beauty and color of the food

: White can go well with all dishes colored with soy sauce and chili peppers without color clashing. Almost 90% of the common Chinese dishes in restaurants will use soy sauce, and as for tomato scrambled eggs… The color itself is bright enough.

It can make the food more beautiful and highlight the food. Finally, the white one is clean and makes people

More appetizing

2. Pure color and no additives environmental performance: white glass tableware on glass

The use of natural quartz sand after 1500 °C high temperature melting, cooling, and finally the row is still the transparent white of the raw material, compared with ceramic tableware without glaze and pattern treatment, without any color and other chemicals added, heat will not have harmful substances precipitation, so it is completely lead-free and mercury-free green tableware.

3. Health function of non-pore brush bowl without dish soap:


The special structure of 0 pores, bacteria and dirt are not easy to invade and adhere, easy to clean

, minimize the use of detergents, more green environmental protection, great benefits to human health,

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion Festival, be sure to buy a set of healthy, environmentally friendly high-end white glass tableware, and use it for the reunion dinner!

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, widely loved by consumers.

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