I didn’t buy the Internet celebrity garbage sorting bin, and I was fascinated by its “peripheral products”

I didn’t buy the Internet celebrity garbage sorting bin, and I was fascinated by its “peripheral products”

Since the implementation of garbage sorting in the community, two more trash cans have been added to the kitchen at home

Today, three pumpty fat men sit in rows and work smoothly with each other on the dry, wet and recyclable waste that the kitchen inevitably produces every day

It’s just that the kitchen is small, and occasionally they either trip me or I kick them, which is really not conducive to harmonious coexistence with each other

On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to go online and buy an “N-in-one” kitchen sorting bin

It is this kind of up and down several warehouse doors, like a large villa with several rooms and halls, and any garbage can enjoy high-performance equipment in a single room

It sounds amazing

After looking for a quiet time in the dead of night, I decided to open Taobao and pick carefully

Unexpectedly, this challenge opened the door to a new world…

In the search bar, I typed the word category

The opposite side couldn’t help but jump out of a row of recommendations

Sorting trash cans, sorting trash cans for household, sorting trash cans for Japanese households, sorting garbage bags…

Wait, what is it?

Sorted trash can bags, sorted trash can toys???

My heart was turbulent, and I almost lost my original intention by these two cute words

I’m here to buy trash cans

Having made up my mind, I began to look through the “sorting trash cans”

This is a “blind date conference”

A sorting bin

With wheels, without wheels

There are one meter and one meter two

There are three types of garbage, and there are also four or more types of garbage

There are self-flip covers, and there are automatic pop-up covers

I carefully discern and sizzle through the vast selections

I am afraid that one step will be wrong, which will affect lifelong happiness

Finally I chose one

The price is reasonable and the sales are good

The point is that one of the July 1 buyer reviews said:

I see, fellow travelers


With the uneasiness of “finally waiting for you”

I press the “Buy Now” button

Happiness is really fleeting

The next second the page prompts me

If you have money, you can’t buy at a loss, and you can’t buy fooled

Can’t buy trash cans either

The 45-liter sorting bucket I want “only in stock in mid-August”

I’m not convinced

I want to reconfirm this bad news with customer service

Well, he’s telling the truth

The Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Management Regulations have been implemented since July 1

190 tickets were issued in 6 days

Fifteen cases were investigated and punished against individuals

Those punished include residents of individual communities

This also includes individual F&B operators

Photo by Chen Xisha

People who now spend more than 100 yuan on trash cans

All to avoid smart people who pay more later

I was a little disappointed at the thought of continuing to be in the same room with the kitchen “three fats” for a long time

Me: Then I’ll come back in a month.

Customer service: Book early, now customers all over the country are grabbing relatives~

In front of my eyes, I suddenly saw the scene of citizens in 46 key cities for garbage sorting across the country rushing to buy garbage cans

I am no longer fighting alone

Collect your items

I quit that store

I wanted everything to be calm and wait until mid-August to “fight again”

But the eye can’t help but be attracted by the bright colors flashing on the screen!!

It was a wide, flat shoulder bag

Under the tough lines is a high-capacity practical design

The jumping color scheme of gray, red, blue and green highlights the designer’s deep grasp of fashion

The gold chain is slightly playful in vintage

With the rebellious face of the popular little fresh meat model

It’s perfect

Which of the world’s top design masters is this?

I clicked on the consultation window again

Me: Are you there?

Customer service: Yes, oh dear

Me: Can this be carried out the door?

Customer service: Yes, oh dear, the return rate is definitely high

I firmly believe in that

If you carry such a sorted trash can bag out on the street

I must be the most beautiful boy on the streets of Shanghai

The seller hesitated when he saw me

Throw me reassurance again

Customer service: Don’t worry, dear, it sells well, now the supply is very tight, you see this

In this store that sells more than 200 products per month

Buyers unreservedly express the emotions that swell in their hearts

Trendy, stylish, Terra-style, good quality, with personality

Loved it, the style suits me perfectly

The quality was exceptional and particularly satisfied


I was in a trance

Behind this scene

I’m afraid it’s not as simple as the steering of the fashion rudder

Trash cans, accompanied by a call to sort garbage

From pragmatism to aestheticism

Isn’t this another sign of the “new fashion of garbage classification”?

Just as I was silent

Once again, the seller has insight into my mind

Customer service: Are you afraid that it is not practical?

When I think about it, that’s not quite

I went out on the street two days ago and bought a cup of milk tea

I couldn’t swallow half of it

I looked awkwardly at the large taro and pearls sunk at the bottom of the cup

Silently withdrew the hand that had reached for the dry trash can

If I had been carrying such a bag at that time, the problem would have been solved –

Bring your own wet trash can, and my mother no longer has to worry about me not being able to drink milk tea

Customer service: So would you like to look at this again?

I’ll look back, eh? It’s not a sorted trash can toy that just attracted me before

The seller said confidently:

You’re from Shanghai, right? This set of toys is our new product and is specially aimed at guests in Shanghai

It is characterized by four types of dry waste, wet waste and hazardous and recyclable barrels

108 physical cards to help you learn sorting

You can fight with your family for 300 rounds

Three hundred rounds of the big fight??

I believed in his evil

Detailed browsing of baby details

Not to mention, the seller did it very carefully

Each set of toys is customized according to different garbage sorting standards in different places

Sold exclusively to different customers

And the household common garbage identified on the card

Such as expired lipstick, rubber gloves, batteries and so on

Apparently most people can’t say with complete certainty where it fate

Buying it back is very suitable for learning classification knowledge

Play when you’re fine

Strengthen the brain and long heart

Let’s see it today

The work of garbage sorting has a long way to go in China

There are also occasional discordant sounds in the ears

But the feedback from the market already says it all –

My favorite trash can doesn’t just have to wait for a month

There is also a risk that it will still not be grabbed

Let me have a momentary Shanghai version of garbage sorting toys

When I opened the product page for the second time, I was told that it was out of stock

So much so that I lost an opportunity to “fight three hundred rounds” with my family

Even the sorted trash can bag that I still hadn’t figured out what to wear to go out

It also experiences real-time changes in the number of sales

It shows that the people are spontaneously correcting the old garbage disposal habits of the past

Silently embrace the new rules of waste sorting in a way that suits you

Even without losing the joy of life

Firmly express your identity and show your attitude

Will there be more “peripheral products” for garbage classification?

I’m looking forward to it…

Column editor-in-chief: Luan Yinzhi Text editor: Du Chenwei

Quality garbage bin product recommendation: Round kitchen trash can with powder coating.

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