Qibao Hair Beauty Dan – the ancient name of anti-black hair: tonifying the kidney, fixing the essence, black hair, strong bones

Qibao Hair Beauty Dan – the ancient name of anti-black hair: tonifying the kidney, fixing the essence, black hair, strong bones

Qibao Hairdressing Dan, the name of the Chinese medicine formula.

Volume 18 from the Compendium of Materia Medica, can significantly extend the life span of silkworms and the survival life of cell reproduction.

【Square Song】

Shippo beautiful hair He Shouwu, dodder hyssop poria club,

Bone lipid goji berries are combined, specializing in liver and kidney essence and blood deficiency.

Qibao Hair Danzi kidney water, liver and blood.

Shouwu nourishes the liver and kidneys, astringent essence and solid qi;

Goji berries and dodder seeds are all entered into the liver and kidneys, filling the essence and tonifying the kidneys, and fixing the essence and stopping the remains;

Angelica nourishes blood and liver; Hyssop strengthens muscles.

The above medicines nourish kidney essence, liver and blood, and the drug properties are relatively flat.

Psoralin can warm up the kidney and yang, this “yin in the yang” meaning, can make the yin level the yang secret,

Poria seeps lightly to drain turbidity, which is “tonic and laxative”.

The combination of various medicines, the combination of tonifying the liver and benefiting the kidneys, astringent and consolidating the work, so it can be widely used in anti-aging, beauty salons, treatment of male infertility and other diseases that are “liver and kidney insufficiency”.

During the Jin Yuan period, Liu Wansu attached great importance to the role of essence, believing that the spirit of essence was based on essence;

Zhu Danxi’s “Gezhiyu Theory” lists various signs of aging in the elderly, pointing out that the reason is the exhaustion of essence and blood.

Song Chen Zhi believes that the old man’s qi and blood are declining, the true yang qi is less, the essence and blood are exhausted, and the spirit is weak.

Ming Zhang Jingyue pointed out that the method of healing must be based on essence and blood first.

“Qibao” refers to the use of seven-flavor medicine in Fang Zhong to benefit the liver and nourish the kidneys, and the work is as great as a treasure;

“Hairdresser” means that the hair is black and moist.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Guan Yunchang was black because of his long beard, and was known as the “beautiful hairdresser”. After subduing this side, it can make the liver and kidneys replenished, sufficient essence and blood, black hair and beauty, and good health, so it is called “Seven Treasures Beauty Dan”.

Indications: Liver and kidney insufficiency.

Clinically it is often used to treat middle-aged people with premature graying, hair loss, periodontal disease, male infertility, etc.

Usage and dosage

Refining honey pills, each pill weighs 10 grams, take 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening, and take it with light salt and warm water.


This side is based on liver and kidney insufficiency, sperm and blood deficiency as the main evidence. Fang Zhong He Shou Wu tonifies the liver and sage, strengthens the muscles and bones, benefits the essence and blood, and has black hair. Hyssop, psoralin warm kidney yang, solid kidney essence, strong muscles and bones; Dodder seeds, goji berries, angelica benefit the liver and kidneys, nourish the essence and blood. Poria seeps and moisturizes the spleen, so that the tonics do not hinder the qi machine, and the tonic is not greasy. This side is mainly to replenish lean blood, take more of this remedy, then the essence blood is sufficient, the liver and kidneys are strong.

By language

The main points of differentiation are: white teeth, lack of backache, and fine pulse.

In modern times, this formula is commonly used to treat male infertility, aplastic anemia, hair loss, premature graying, anti-aging, melasma, etc.

Change it to decoction, if you see yang deficiency, Jiaba Tian, fairy spirit spleen; Liver tulips, plus tulips, incense attached; Yin deficiency and internal heat, Kadan peel, privet, earth bone skin, dry lotus grass; Patients with hair loss can be assisted by mulberry leaves, arborvitae leaves and other external rubbing; Insomniacs, add sour jujube kernels, night vines.

Modern pharmacological research has confirmed that this side has the functions of promoting hemoglobin synthesis, enhancing stress and disease resistance, increasing catalase activity, and reducing harmful pigmentation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney contains the innate essence, which is the essence of the yin and yang of the internal organs, the source of life, so it is the “innate essence”.

The relationship between the liver and kidney is extremely close, the liver stores blood, the kidney stores sperm, the sperm can produce blood, the blood can turn into sperm, and the sperm and blood are homologous, so there is a saying of “liver and kidney homologous”. Pathologically, the liver and kidney also affect each other, and the loss of kidney essence can lead to liver blood deficiency; Conversely, insufficient liver blood can also cause kidney sperm loss. If the liver and kidney are insufficient, it must be early white, teeth and teeth shaken, dreams are slippery, and the waist and knees are sore.

“Suwen, Jin Kuizhen’s Remarks” said: “Those who have lost their sperm are also the essence of their bodies.” ”

Chinese proprietary medicines include: Qibao Hair Granules, extracted from the 2020 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia

Qibao Meiran Keli

Made He Shou Wu Angelica Psoralin (stir-fried with black sesame seeds) Goji berries (steamed with wine) Dodder seeds (stir-fried) Poria Hyssop (steamed with wine)

【Preparation Method】The above seven flavors, dodder seeds (stir-fry) are crushed into coarse powder, 60% ethanol is used as a solvent for osmosis, and ethanol is recovered by permeating liquid and concentrated to an appropriate amount; The rest of the preparation of He Shou Wu and other six flavors add water and decoction twice, the first time 3 hours, the second time 2 hours, combine the decoction, stand, take the supernatant, concentrate to an appropriate amount, add dodder seed extract, stir well, concentrate to an appropriate amount, add an appropriate amount of powdered sugar and dextrin, make granules, dry, make 1000g, that is.

【Properties】This product is yellow-brown particles; Sweet, slightly bitter and astringent.

【Function and Indications】Nourish liver and kidney.

It is used for liver and kidney insufficiency, premature whitening, premature ejaculation of sperm, dizziness and tinnitus, and back pain.

【Usage and dosage】Rinse with boiling water. 1 sachet at a time, 2 times a day.

【Specifications】8g per bag


【Modern research】Early literature reports that this can treat menopausal syndrome, female infertility, Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases.

Experimental studies have shown that Qibao Hairdressing Dan has a protective effect on free radical damage in rats with focal cerebral ischemia, and can increase superoxide dismutase (SOD) and reduce malondialdehyde (MDA) content in rat ischemic brain tissue.

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