You and the Nordic bedroom in your heart may be poor with such bedding

You and the Nordic bedroom in your heart may be poor with such bedding

The bed is not only a bed for people to rest, but also a piece that cannot be ignored as a decoration in the bedroom, in addition to choosing a good bed from the material, mattress, and style, it is also very important to choose a bed that conforms to the overall style.

Nordic-style bedding is the first choice for today’s minimalist young people. Nordic style bedding has always been simple and elegant in design, so many people think that this type of bedding is also a single material. In fact, although the Nordic style has its own unique design style, it is still diverse in the choice of fabrics.

Today, let’s start from different materials and take a look at the Nordic style under each material fabric.


Pure cotton

Pure cotton fabric is one of the most common Nordic style bedding, which is favored by designers because of its good moisture absorption and heat resistance and good skin-friendly effect.

In the common Nordic style bedroom, pure cotton material can better perceive the homeowner’s home taste from the details by matching bright and unobtrusive textured colors such as light gray, off-white, soft pink, and light blue.

Care tips: Because of its high flexibility, pure cotton products are not recommended to be washed directly with washing powder, and transparent soap is better.

Recommended index: five stars



The surface of linen products retains the natural texture of linen, revealing a natural, simple attitude to life, which is in line with the Nordic concept of life.

Compared with pure cotton fabrics, linen itself has natural excellent properties that are unmatched by other fibers. And some scientists have confirmed that choosing linen sheets will be easier to sleep than choosing cotton sheets.

Most of the linen products on the market use plain colors, giving people a pure visual experience. Modern young people live fast-paced and have high requirements for quality of life, often hoping that the design of the room is simple and textured, so in addition to providing the necessary basic functions, it is best to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Linen bedding has this characteristic and is loved by users with high quality of life.

Tips: Because linen products are soft and have low solidity, users are prone to misunderstanding when they do not know enough about the category. When choosing linen bedding, you need to grasp these shopping tips:

(1) See whether the latitude and longitude are uniform, too uniform is most likely to be pure cotton fabric.

(2) High-quality primary color linen is brown, shiny, and absorbs water very evenly.

(3) Tear off a thread, the ends should be smooth and neat, otherwise it is not linen.

Recommended matching index: four stars


Bamboo fiber

Bamboo fiber is a relatively new type of fabric, using bamboo as raw material, extracted by cooking and hydrolysis. The bedding made of bamboo fiber has a good skin-friendly effect, soft and smooth touch, comfortable and breathable.

As an environmentally friendly material in a practical sense, bamboo fiber coincides with the design concept of Nordic style advocating comfortable and natural and green environmental protection.

In the bedroom, choose some bamboo fiber bedding with plain color, simple and elegant, which can create a cool feeling, plus its special touch, which is visually and tactilely satisfied.

Friendly reminder: Since bamboo fiber is mostly dyed with plant dyes, compared with other chemical dye fabrics, it will be easier to fade, the darker the color, the more serious the color loss, pay attention to separate from other things when cleaning.

Recommended index: four and a half stars



Polyester fiber, also known as “polyester”, belongs to blended fibers, which have the comfort of natural fibers and at the same time are more durable.

This material of Nordic style bedding, the color firmness is good, not easy to fade, and the style is diverse, mostly with bright tones, breaking the traditional Nordic black and white tone and single line matching. It is especially suitable for home owners who like a bright Nordic style.

Recommended index: three and a half stars

Each of the four fabrics has its own advantages, and the Nordic style interpreted through them also has its own characteristics. As for how to choose, it depends on personal taste and experience of the material.

Life requires a sense of ritual, and so does sleeping. Lying on your favorite sheets every day and welcoming a new day with your loved ones is quiet and beautiful.

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Quality fabric recommendation: polyester fiber bed sheet.

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