Leggings are a well-matched fit: you don’t know how to perfectly contour your legs, keep warm and fashionable

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In women’s wardrobes, there are all kinds of clothing, but when you wear them, you can’t choose the right one, and in winter, are you still wearing cold jeans? To say warm and versatile, how can you not have a pair of leggings in winter? And it can also perfectly outline the leg line, and it is really not old at all, really suitable for all ages, and it can get rid of the sense of passers-by when it is matched, and it can be warm and fashionable even in the big northeast!

Down jacket + leggings

Down jackets are a must-have for winter warmth, but haven’t you tried wearing down jackets and leggings yet?

The short down jacket is paired with leggings, which has both temperature and demeanor, which not only has a good effect of showing height and reducing age, but also outlines the slender lines of the legs on the lower body.

A pair of Martin boots is perfect. And you can also wear a skirt or short skirt over the leggings, increase the warmth while making the overall level richer, and you can also wear a skirt gently and beautifully in winter, no longer as simple as matching jeans, which makes people shine.

Pink short down jacket with leggings, this is also too girly, lively, the screen is bubbling pink, but the leggings and slim top also make the whole more curved, but also add a little femininity, with small white shoes too vibrant, a sporty style, light and tall, and really not bloated at all.


Long down jacket with leggings

When, more

Elegance, generosity and nobility, temperament

feeling, but in order not to press the height it is best to choose a belt to highlight the waist. The black long down jacket with leggings and high boots is light and noble, the overall is relatively simple and advanced, the high boots are more inclusive, and the legs will be straighter.

The beige down jacket with a skirt and snow boots is also too warm, and the combination of light colors will make the whole more gentle and elegant, fresh and generous, and the northeast can be completely controlled by wearing it this way. It is not difficult to see that

Black leggings and tall boots will give a cool and domineering feeling, while snow boots and gray, white leggings are more bright and gentle and can be chosen according to the overall style.

Lamb’s wool / coat + leggings, elastically combined

Lamb’s wool is skin-friendly and soft, a proper warm artifact, but the long lamb’s wool jacket with slim leggings, the whole is highlighted to be very slender and slender, still very curved, will not be as bloated as some down jackets, with sneakers are very neat, the overall casual style, the color as far as possible to the same color system will be more harmonious.

For the underwear of a thin coat, we can choose

Increase underwear

The method to keep warm, such as the right picture with a sweater layered suit jacket, with a belt to emphasize the waistline, not only increase the sense of layering, but also ensure the warmth, the bottom leggings are originally very handsome, add a coat and high boots, easily create a gentle and foreign style.

Sweatshirt + leggings

The combination of sweatshirt and leggings is very intimate, easily solves the bloated feeling of winter, has both temperature and demeanor, and is a very dashing and free, casual style, full of youth and vitality. The shoes use tall boots, which hold the fashion steadily, the legs appear thin and linear, and the shoes and pants are the same color, which not only has a high effect, but also avoids disconnection, more unified and advanced, and avoids fancy.

When paired with daddy shoes, the ankles will be more light and casual and sporty, and when the leggings are wrapped in stockings, they are very clean, refreshing and clean, and it has also been popular over the years to expose the socks, warm and fashionable, without a rustic feeling.

Sweater + leggings

The mid-length sweater with leggings is lazy and chic, very friendly for people with good figures, good legs, and a full figure! And very young and energetic, with high-top shoes or Martin boots, high boots are very good. Simple and generous, whether the jacket chooses sports style, coat, or suit, down jacket can be, versatile underwear, direct external wear is also very good, in addition, you can also layer a shirt directly inside the sweater to create a sense of layering, it is also very charming.

Then about leggings, if there are two lines in the back, try to choose a mid-length one to cover it, otherwise it will be very strange to expose it directly.

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